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Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Sunday morning, my mom arrived and said, "Let's go to Vegas." The main reason I didn't insist on dragging Barb (rahirah with me was because we have no money, and I didn't know just how much Mom was willing to allow me to sponge (since the Market crash, Mom's been living far less large than she used to). Also, I think Mom really wanted/needed some Mom/daughter bonding time, because that's what we did. It was a nice drive, wherein I fell madly in love with the satellite radio in her rental car, and we checked in to Treasure Island.

For the record, I would have prefered Disneyland, but Vegas is a lot closer to Phoenix, and really, if you don't gamble, it's kinda like a whole street of amusement parks. We went to the wax museum, wandered through the "streets of Venice" at the Venetian, got to go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, watched the (extremely lame) new "Sirens" show at Treasure Island (they really should go back to the pirate battle), got to look at the white tigers, lions, elephant, and leopards at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden (the Mirage has taken nothing down on their show, including the announcements about times and prices), the dolphin habitat, the aquarium at Mandalay Bay, the lions at MGM Grand, the volcano at the Mirage, just about everything you can do on your feet from New York, New York to Treasure Island. We played a little blackjack and that was about it. Coming home on Tuesday afternoon found the main artery from Vegas to Phoenix cut off by a major accident with hazmat spill, so we were forced around to Prescott. It was dark there by the time we got there and we almost took the road to Jerome, which would have gotten us home eventually, but even later than we ended up being.

I came home to a whole LOT of BAPS digests. I skimmed them today.

Wednesday I baked pies, adding my pumpkin and pecan to rahirah's apple-cranberry. Mom and I went shopping, she got us a new turkey roaster for Christmas (to avoid the shipping charges), along with a DVD for me ("Holy Grail") and a nice art book for Barb.

Today was good food and family, and Mom headed back to Tucson. She'll fly out for Florida tomorrow. Thus ends a busy week.

Oh, and I came out to Mom. She knew, as I figured. But there it is. :)
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