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Reasons for this decision including comments or factors which had a bearing on this decision: Kathy was a good candidate for this position. She was effective and impressive in her interview, offering good examples of her strengths and abilities to handle specific situations as discussed. It is no question Kathy is and will continue to be a great asset to {Company}. She seems to be a very detail-oriented, results-oriented employee, focused on completing the task or achieving the desired outcome as defined. Kathy seems to have the ability to deal with intense and time-sensitive situations in order to complete the task on time, working as needed with her co-workers as part of the department team. Kathy seems to offer great creativy in her work, looking for ways to be more effective or efficient with a task or program. Two of her self-defined skills and evident in her application are writing and research; she seems to be quite proficient in these areas, and I would encourage her to continue to pursue her next position within {Company} where these talents may be of most benefit. While Kathy has many great skills and abilities that will be transferable to other positions, she wasn't as strong in some areas pertinent to this position: knowledge of {Company} systems and processes used in this postion, planning, use of Excel and PowerPoint, ability to juggle multiple projects.

Interview Evaluation [Scale: Unacceptable | Below Average | Average | Above Average | Excellent ]
Professional Appearance: Above Average
Attitude/Enthusiasm: Above Average
Interview Preparation: Average
Overall Comparison to Other Candidates: Average

So really, it boils down to what always happens to me: Best read. Doesn't look part.

(But I can see that the interviewer DOES need a proofreader... no wonder she looked so interested when I said I was a great one.)


sillymagpie was right; lack of experience in the area. Of course, how does one GET experience unless one gets into the entry-level position? *is puzzled*


Today I went to a Toastmasters meeting and will probably join. Public speaking is one of my weaknesses. Can't hurt, anyway. And it was fun. However, one of my workmates looked at me and asked if I was feeling all right, that I didn't look right (she has a very pronounced Indian accent, and sometimes it's hard to understand her). I said I was fine. About an hour later I started feeling all scratchy-throated and lightheaded. I'm hoping it's just lack of sleep from last night, when Cuervo decided he HAD to sing outside the bedroom door all night. I try to explain to him and Silhouette that if they'd just make sure Cairo didn't get on the bureaus all night and knock things off, then all of them could stay in the bedroom with us at night, but they never do it.

Now I'm making Macaroni & Cheese, although there's so much meat in it it's hardly really just Mac & Cheese. I ground up a leftover pork chop and the last of the leftover roast to mix in with it. Unfortunately the mozzarella had gone off, so it's all just cheddar and Irish cheese rather than a cheddar/mozzarella blend. I came all over with the desire for Mac & Cheese at lunch today, when one of my co-workers was eating some.

{break for dinner, NCIS, and LOST}

Mac & Cheese came out well, indeed. NCIS, good as always, and I have to say this season of LOST has been pretty awesome. Sometimes you just gotta look death in the face and say, 'Whatever, dude.' On television, I was earlier today pondering the great horror of having to wait until April 23 to find out what happens on Heroes - but it's only three weeks until Season 3 of Doctor Who starts! Squeee!
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