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I can't believe I forgot to wish nutmeg3 a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday! I'm so lame!

My father and uncle both have March 5 birthdays (although admittedly Dad's been gone for some years, I still remember), and Mom's birthday is tomorrow, so I'm usually up on the March birthdays. I knew there was a LJ Friend birthday coming up, but for some reason I flaked. ANYWAY...

Nothing much happening in the wider world for me. Haven't heard anything about the job, haven't heard from Potential Agent, haven't really done much writing (although plodding along with young Matthew's ramblings), did some of my studies on Sunday and got a 65% on the practice quiz... that's not good, is it? Stupid formulas. So I need to do some more studying tonight and tomorrow, at las- will be over (for good or ill) and I can get back to my oh-so-important regular reading. I'm reading a Doctor 8 book that's kind of interesting in that it's never once been from the POV of the Doctor or his companions. Seeing them from the outside is always cool.

I can't get off the plateau. No matter what I eat or don't eat, what I do or don't do, every week the scale mocks me. *whimper* It's not like I have that much left to lose.
Tags: birthday, weight, work, writing

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