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This has been an extraordinarily hectic week. We rotate jobs in our department and the job I was assigned is the one that keeps you pretty much on your feet running back and forth all day long, and there's always more to do. So I've been coming home very tired and not getting anything of my own done other than watching TV and crocheting. As we were on the downhill slide this afternoon, and I'm finally feeling pretty accomplished, the boss calls us all together and announces that one of our people "is no longer employed here," without explanation. She'd been working less than an hour prior, so it left everyone with BIG question marks hanging overhead. But I'm off next week, so I'm sure I'll miss out on all the gossip and whispers.

Mom arriving this weekend, I believe Sunday (her plans are flexable). I would like to make Barb happy and actually come out officially, but I live in the happy Kathy-Bubble where all things are as I want them to be and I don't have to talk to any people about things which will make me cry/feel stupid/scare me/whatever. I realize this inability to communicate has caused me unimagined stress and mental anguish, but try as I will it never seems to get any better. I "blame" my father, Mom doesn't have that problem, but Dad sure did. (He just masked it better by being a big, mean-tempered macho man, and it was okay for guys to be like that then...)

I've been trying to get more vampire fiction on computer, but mostly it's just running around in my head because I've been too busy or too tired or too involved to sit down and write. Hopefully it will keep running until I can get it all written down. I even have that elusive plot thingie. At least I hope it's a good plot thingie. Probably overused and derivative, but I like my characters, dang it, and maybe this time I'll actually submit it to someone or something.
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