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Wishful Drinking

I was tagged by doll_paparazzi, so first I :

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Candy Obvious, isn't it? I can eat candy to excess, as Fez says, a whore for candy. Pizza might also count here.
Literary: Cheesy romances I can at least say that I do get bored with the pr0n after a while and have to read something else. Also "Cat Who" mysteries, which started to really suck about ten/fifteen books ago.
Audiovisual: Passions I just don't know how I got hooked on this show, but I did. I hate most of the characters and everything they do is stupid. So why can't I stop watching?!?
Musical: Garth Brooks I know he's the poster child for country turning into pop, but really, the boy can sing... and when he puts his mind to it, he can really sing a country song.
Celebrity: Elvis Presley I say this only because most of the guys I used to be embarrassed to like have become cool again, like Elvis, so now I'm proud of being an Elvis fan instead of him being a guilty pleasure

Now I tag:-

sillymagpie tiirz kehf nutmeg3 and whoeverwantsto

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

I changed the background color so it could be read - the meme itself has a horrible white-on-bright-yellow background which is REALLY hard to read, so if you do it (and don't feel pressured even if I tagged you - the darned thing insists on five tags), change the background color to "black" from yellow...

I'm no longer cranky, so the moodiness has passed. I suppose that's why they call it "moodiness." *g*

It was a surprisingly fast day, but fortunately we got Saturday's mail, so there was work to do - in addition, two people called in sick, three were on vacation, and one had an all-day meeting, so it was spread out amongst those of us who were left. It meant I was the only lead worker around, so everyone brought me their questions... how is it that anyone with a functioning brain (i.e., the ability to articulate, walk, chew gum) can't retain simple "this is how you sort and label incoming mail" information? Many of these people have been in Imaging much longer than I have, even...

I came up with a sure-fire way to NOT spend everything I earn the weekend I earn it - I put a large chunk into my online-bank savings account, where it's accessible when I need it, but it's not connected to my easy-to-use debit card. Ah ha! So I wantonly spent like the consumer ho I am, but I still have the cash to last out the next two weeks (and it's earning nice interest). Fiscal responsibility is surely just around the corner.

Ooo! Lightning. I wonder if I should shut the computer down or throw caution to the winds (and rain! Lots of rain!).

My, there's a lot of chocolate in this house.
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