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Silly Love Songs

Gung hei fat choi! Happy 4703!

This has been a pretty good day. I got up early and finished a review I was too tired to finish last night and got chewed out again for continually pushing my deadlines from Friday to Saturday. I managed not to write something snide back - like, "I quit, I'm not enjoying this much anymore," largely because I have already agreed to go out to Country Thunder this year to interview Cross Canadian Ragweed, with accompanying media pass - but perhaps when that's done, so will I be.

Anyway, we took Barb's mom to lunch at Black Angus where I had even more Filet Mignon (the sandwich, this time), then we watched A Prairie Home Companion, which was strange and unusual, and now we're watching the first season of Six Feet Under, which I find I like quite a bit.

I did not cook anything or write much of anything, but I was reading some former contest winners of erotic fiction and thinking I REALLY need a little plot for my mental porn, because DAMN, I can out-write all of 'em.

I lost the watch I was watching eBay because someone wanted it WAY more than me - I went to $55.00 for it but was still outbid. I hope one like it comes up again soon. There's another similar one, but the face is bright blue instead of soft/pearl white. Not sure if I want the blue one, but I may try for it anyway.
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