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Boy, looks like everyone has a more eventful journal than me in the last few days! I've been busy, busy, busy! It seems like I haven't had the chance to sit down and do anything in days. We cleaned the back porch and dragged tons of junk to the curb for pickup (and in just three days almost all has been scavenged by enterprising souls... well, our junk is apparently someone's treasure!), cleaned the outdoor shed, started work on cleaning out the tool shed, and in general wore myself out.

Couldn't find "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" at local Blockbuster, boo. Did rent "On The Waterfront," and now understand why that's considered a classic film. Wow.

VERY busy at work this week, I'm on the job that everyone hates, but it does make the day go by blindingly fast. Sadly, however, it's very tedious. I did make myself a couple new CDs which help, though, some lovely old country mixes filled with tunes I haven't heard mashed together since I was growing up and country radio did something radical like, you know, play COUNTRY music. Also got a new CD to review -- a collection of unreleased tracks from Jim Croce. And, oh, wow. I have to gather up some time to give that the review it deserves. I wonder what that man might have accomplished had he lived longer.
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