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Don't Give Me No Lines and Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Newsworthy: Pollution from freeways is dangerous to children!

Why is it we aren't informed of these important things sooner? *headdesk*

More and more lately I see top news stories which make me go, "Didn't we know that already? Why is this news?" Things like "Iraq Was a Bad Idea" and "Germs Cause Sickness" and "Ice is Cold." (Okay, that last one is a joke, but it's sure close.)

Okay, brand new tracker:

I Will Be Good. I Will Fit Into My Fancy Jeans.

I also think I should set myself Weekly Goals. The goal this week is to clean the bathroom. I don't mean it's dirty, but I mean REALLY clean everything - the mirrors, the floors, throw out old crap I never actually use, that sort of thing. We did manage to get almost all the laundry done this weekend, as well as vacuuming the living room, so that was good. The kitchen is a mess - moreso because I knocked over the bag of Cheap Cat Food (purchased to fool the cats into thinking they're getting a Tasty Treat because it's not the expensive healthy food they normally get) and scattered it all over the floor - making said cats very happy when they found it. rahirah was wonderful, though, and did all of last night's dishes, so they aren't out there staring at me accusingly.

Occasionally I wish I'd been born with my mother's Fanatically Clean genes, but I am somewhere between tidy and a total slob; I do not keep a clean house, but neither do I live in squalid filth. This is mostly comfortable; I mosey along until I notice the drifts of cat fur in the corners and then I clean. My mom, on the other hand, will apologize if her scrupulously clean model home has today's newspaper still lying on the floor when you arrive. Somehow I managed to be the sloppiest person in my family, because Dad might have been a pack-rat, but he was a tidy one, and my brother was just like Mom. However, I did read this weekend that liberals tend to be messier and less organized overall than conservatives, so maybe that's the reason. Quotage: You guessed it: liberals turn out to be messier than conservatives. They have more clutter, more documents, more books, more maps. Conservatives not only embrace more order, but they buy more organizational tools and cleaning supplies.

Huh. It sure does explain a lot. (It was in fact how I deduced that Bush really WAS the worst president ever, and that wasn't just a raving liberal opinion, because my Very Conservative and Mundane mother thinks he's appallingly bad.)

And now because it must be done every day, and not just weekly, I must clean the cat box. I want a Cat Genie. (Tip o' te keyboard to nutmeg3...)

Today I got the truck washed. Maybe that will mean it will ACTUALLY rain this week (hoo, I'll believe that when I see it!). I stopped at Fry's to pick up some eggs and saw two of the bag boys hauling in the longest chain of carts from the parking lot I had EVER SEEN. They blocked up almost two whole lanes in the lot, keeping a guy in a convertible Mustang waiting for a good five minutes (I managed to get past because I was on the right, they were mostly on the left); after I parked and started walking back up the aisle, the end of the cart chain was still in the parking lot as the two guys tried to maneuver it into place, still blocking the Mustang - the driver was sitting in frustration when his passenger (who may have been his partner; something about two guys with perfect hair and perfect clothes in a convertible just set off the gaydar) came back and I heard him say, "That's the longest line of carts I've ever seen!" I didn't hear the response, although the driver didn't sound as angry as I would have imagined - more frustrated humor at the whole silly situation. This was the nicest such exchange I witnessed today, as earlier, Barb and I were yelled at for LETTING a guy pull out of a driveway across our lane of travel. People!
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