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After reading my Flist, it seems to me that once again we're getting rooked out of a good television series because we don't have HBO (or Showtime). Stupid pay stations.

They finally have a pair of new sitcoms on that aren't painfully stupid and too annoying to watch: How I Met Your Mother backed by The Class. I love it when I laugh out loud during a sitcom - and with it, not at it.

I spent five minutes on the phone with my dentist's office trying to get them to understand that a midday appointment would not be convenient because their office is at Glendale and 7th Street, and I work in Tempe. Finally got them to give me another 8:30 appointment, one day later. Sheesh. The main irritant about their office is 7th Street has a suicide lane, and making a left turn in the morning hours is, indeed, suicide.

I just hate it when I forget I pre-ordered something from Amazon and come home to a "Your Amazon Order Has Shipped!" and I think, "Uh oh..." There was a big charge I should have written down so I'd be expecting it. I even knew when it was supposed to be released. In any case, yay, second season of Doctor Who, with yummy Doctor Ten goodness. Just a little broker than expected until Friday.

The pipes do not appear to be frozen this morning - at least, there was running water in the kitchen and the bathroom, anyway.
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