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Birdhouse In Your Soul

I'm so glad I didn't get frustrated enough to settle for something I didn't really want! I was putting more points into My Coke Rewards, I browsed the rewards, and found they'd put the ABS gowns BACK into the rewards page, only now it's just one entry, and you choose the size after selecting it (which makes more sense than having each size listed separately). Whatever the reason for the change, I don't care, because NOW... It's MINE! Mine all mine, a $200 designer gown! Now I'm happy again.

I've been working on writing, getting organized and considering contest entries (LORD, it's hard to keep a short story under 5000 words!), including possibly sending the next novel, although it's not completed, to SWW (SouthWest Writers) this year. I found another place that doesn't have entry fees, though, but it's only for short stories. So I figure, both. I am also studying agent pages and seeing what THEY ask for - I need to find out what agents, in general, like in the way of length (words/pages) for novel synopses. I had to cram it down to one page for the original entry to SWW, but the publisher I submitted to was good with five pages (about 2000 words). Two things that would help are a GOOD printer (laser, not inkjet) and, sadly, Microsoft Word. I'm going to have to see if I can find an affordable version, because this transferring back and forth from WordPerfect to Word is playing havoc with my formatting. I discovered the version I had on my flash drive was corrupt somehow, and now I'm wondering if the version I printed for a friend to read wasn't all screwed up (it started about halfway through; I'll have to ask, suck it up, and give them a better version).

Things I should do here in LJ: Tag entries, and put credit on icons I've lifted from others, such as the one on this post. I acknowledged the artist at first, but naturally I've now forgotten, and that's very poor Netiquette on my part. Now, mostly I make my own icons and I don't CARE if anyone else uses them (in fact, I'd be honored), so I guess that's part of it...

It's really freakishly cold in Phoenix today. The high isn't supposed to get above 50 (which is really dead-of-winter cold for us), but when we were out I think it was closer to 45 or so; otherwise it's one of those bright and sunny days that fools you into thinking it's warm and nice out. It was only about 35 or so this morning when I got up. Mostly I've been slumping around poking at this and that, reading LJ, looking for recipes, etc., etc.
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