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In which the year is winding down

After trekking to jury duty a dozen or more times and never being selected, today there were two cases on the board - they said we'd probably be out by noon. Who got selected? Me. One of only seven jurors selected in Maricopa County today, was me. For the world's most boring case. (Which I can only say "misdemeanor" until the trial is finished.) I have to go back tomorrow.

I am looking into writer's groups and outlets. I just want (crave, need, desire, whine for) an audience. I don't care if they pay me. I just want people to like me, I mean my work, that's all. *g*

Random thoughts:

Okay, call me a weirdo, because I know full well I'm in the minority here, but I find Owen oddly sexy and understand why every woman seems to want to fall into bed with him. I know he's weird looking and a misogynistic little bastard, but he's also smart, witty, and is played by probably the best actor on the show (John Barrowman notwithstanding). That said, I want to know why RTD lobotomized Captain Jack. I expected him to be a little upset about being left five million years in the future, but on the whole, ol' Captain Jack was a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. Not Angel in an RAF uniform. I started watching the show because I loved the character Steven Moffatt created - I keep watching it because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO JACK!!! The rest of it, well... I agree with the people who have said they don't even know what their own show is about yet, and until they figure that out, it's going to be the crapshoot it's been so far. I've really liked a few episodes, but on the whole, I'm pretty sure what keeps me coming back is the mystery of Jack.

What rahirah said. So nice to have a hero who is SMART, and thinks things through (even when you don't realize he's done so!). Awesome little story. I even liked the open-ended ending. Mysteries not solved? Well, sometimes... Anyway, I liked it a lot.

It's the Doctor What's not to love? Okay, it was just a one-shot, and more than a little frivolous, and LORD, did the Empress of the Racnoss chew scenery!!! But oh, the reaction to the word "Gallifrey," and more proof that this Doctor does not allow second chances. You turn him down once, and that's it. Fire, water, brimstone, death... doesn't seem to bother him quite as much as it used to. But the Doctor has always needed someone to smack him on the nose once in a while. Donna wasn't ready to be a full-time companion, but she sure could train others for the job.

I need to get to bed. I came home from jury duty so tired I could barely see (I kept trying not to doze off as the defense's key witness droned on and on and on...).
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