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In which I say Happy Solstice

Because I'm a follower:

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I went out last night to see Dave Insley's final show of the year - and his first in town in several months - and although it was a weeknight show, it was wonderful as usual. The Vaquetones, out of Southern California, opened; I SO go for their wonderfully hot lead guitar player, Gene Cornwell (although it could be his gorgeous Gretsch guitar!). They're a great Southwestern-fried Americana group (the "Baja-Western" sound), a lot of awesome Hispanic-country sounds, and, as noted, terrific guitar pickin'. Their bass player is, I kid you not, Harold Hill. I was pretty certain I'd bought their CD the last time they played here, but I can't find it now, drat it.

Of course, as a result, I was wiped out all day.

I'm tired now, but I don't want to go to bed TOO early - but I'll definitely hit the hay soon. Since I wasn't home last night, everyone on my Flist posted about forty posts each. Took an hour to get caught up, and I did sort of skim a few entries - my apologies! I'll see if I can get into more detail later.

It's been unofficial treats week at the office - everyone's been bringing SOMETHING every day, and we actually made a half-hearted attempt to make a real potluck for tomorrow. I'm too tired for much, but there is a batch of truffles setting up in the fridge. Hopefully I can get up and roll them in the morning. If not... maybe next week.

Ah! Found it! What a shocker, I'd actually filed it in the "V" section!
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