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In which I am pissed

Damn it. After months of drinking Coke and dutifully entering codes and keeping track of what I wanted to get, now I have the points and the item is gone. ALL of them (not just the size I wanted). Well, FUCK. Now all there is available on that stupid site is a lot of crap I don't want or can't afford (save $10 off a purchase of $100! - some freakin' "reward").

Grump. I REALLY wanted that freakin' gown.

I spent the entire morning baking and decorating gingerbread men for the folks at work. I hope they like 'em.

In good news, the tree is up, presents are bought, we're ready for the holiday. This is good. But I still want to kick futilely at the universe. If I wasn't addicted to the stuff I'd stop drinking it in a fit of pique. At least I don't have to enter any more #%#$^@^@!#@%$$^#$& codes.


(I do, however, want to thank the nice friends who gave me extra codes to help in my quest. It was much appreciated.)
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