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In which I say, Yay, Friday!

Sounds like our packages are arriving - and UPS appears to be nearly as fast as USPS Priority. Coolness! (I had to send some priority because we used some priority boxes and my family stuff was going priority, anyway).

I ate way too much for dinner last night, on sillymagpie's dime; burger w/bacon, fries, and an Oreo shake. I knew my stomach would regret it later (and it did), but I enjoyed it while I ate! (Thanks!)

I just heard some really good reviews of the live-action Charlotte's Web, including the NY Times one; this makes me very happy, since it was of course one of my favorite books as a kid - I bet they NEVER make Trumpet of the Swan into a movie (although one would worry it would be ruined like Stuart Little was - Hugh Laurie notwithstanding).

It's been a very long week for such a busy one.

And now before I race off to work out (and burn some of last night's calories), I meme:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, wildrider sent to me...
Twelve movies drumming
Eleven politics writing
Ten cds a-camping
Nine bottles baking
Eight vampires a-cooking
Seven cats a-reading
Six monkees a-collecting
Five ca-a-a-artoons
Four scrubs
Three coins
Two ghosts
...and a television in a jewelry.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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