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Am watching the updated live action remake of Year Without a Santa Claus. Not too bad, especially Harvey Fierstein as Heat Miser and Michael McKean as Cold Miser. The updates aren't too horrible... although since they appear to have cut EVERY SINGLE SONG except the Heat Miser/Cold Miser thing, those sections seem... odd in a non-musical. Also? Carson Kressley as Santa's dresser. Very funny. Santa's beard is one of the fakest I've ever seen, though. I'd expect better of John Goodman. And they really reduced Mrs. Claus's part (I guess because they got John Goodman).

For list of cookies baked over the weekend, see rahirah's journal. The cookie bars were just called chocolate-walnut bars, although I made them with pecans rather than walnuts.

I somehow managed to actually lose weight last week, despite lazing around eating whatever I wanted and not going to the gym. I don't suppose THAT will last, though...

Dang it, my nail just broke, and down to the quick, even. Ouchie. And on a finger I use a lot in my work (paper shuffling).
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