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Happy Friday!

Okay, I was dreaming that Barb and I were going to go take care of something outside, but I've forgotten what. Barb got sidetracked by some deadwood in one of our many trees and we started cutting that down. I needed to put my hair up, so I started to go back to the house, but we'd forgotten our keys. Barb remembered the back door was open, so she pulled it and we got in. This wasn't the house we actually live in, BTW. Anyway, as I went in, I realized I hadn't seen Cairo in a while, and started calling for him. This puma came out from under the bed and went for the pile of Almond Joys and Butterfingers on the bed (hey, I don't understand it, either). Barb seemed unconcerned by the puma, but I was certain it had eaten Cairo. I scooped up the other cat (who, in retrospect, looked a lot like Cairo) and hastened out of the room. Barb eventually followed and we locked the puma in that room. I broke down and cried because the puma had eaten my cat. That's when I woke up. I'd been for some reason sleeping with my mouth open and it was as dry as dust. I got up and got a drink and tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't, and laid there for a half-hour before deciding to give up and get up.

I got my new scanner from Amazon. It's pretty! :) And it scans good, so now I no longer have an excuse not to finish my illustrations for Tai-Pan. (Hi, genebreashers!)

The kitchen is almost done, and with minimum surgerical removal of things. I discovered I have a lot more booze than I thought I had, since I was keeping it in several places because of the way our kitchen is built. Now I'll just have to remember where I put all the food items. All we have to do is finish the floor around and under the refrigerator. Then eventually there will be tile, but that can wait for a more lucrative day.

I won $100 in the lottery this week! :) Okay, it won't solve any money problems, but it's nice to have some pocket cash.

"The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco": I think my favorite episode so far this year. Touching, funny, with hints that last season did actually happen and Angel is most definitely brooding on it... loved the flashbacks, the rising of the brothers (mis hermanos!), and especially all the exchanges with Angel and Wes. The "guys night out" in the car was a riot. "Blondie ghost"? LOL! I also very much loved the scene with Spike and Fred. All of Spike's uncertainty and fear that he's not the hero he is showed, and oh, did he did that reassurance! My view on MOW eps: Everyone's just terrified that "that's all there is," and they're missing the really big picture. ME has always done best when those MOW eps cleverly cover over a massive overall story arc, and I think that's what they're doing here (remember BtVS Season 3, the Great One, started with MOW eps). If this truly is the final season of Angel, I know who the season's Big Bad is, and they've not only been working on it since the top of Season 5, but since the top of Season 1 -- The Senior Partners. Of course, if they get a sixth season, they'll need to stretch that out, so they can't bring out the big guns too soon (and can't, anyway, with the pressures from the WB). Anyway, they have been, exposition aside, pretty consistant about developing each of the many, many, MANY characters they have on board this season in their own arcs. Sure, we'd all like to see more of X or Y on screen, but it's only a 40-minute (maybe 45) show and Angel is the star. They'll get there. This was only episode 6, and there's going to be 22. I hope folks don't get too discouraged. I know the final two seasons of "Buffy" were disappointing, but personally, I've always found "Angel" to be the better show. I continue to trust 'em, even without David Greenwalt (although his loss was probably the greatest loss ever).
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