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In which I say Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my US friends (which I think is most of you), I hope it's been as pleasant for you as for me.

I got up early - the cats seemed to desire this - after a curiously restless night wherein I woke up every couple of hours for one reason or another - and started work on the chestnut stuffing, because the chestnuts had to be roasted/boiled. Last night I concocted the gooey pumpkin cake (courtesy of doll_paparazzi) and a very rich brownie pie with pecans, so dessert was taken care of, and the turkey was in the brine (courtesy of Alton Brown). So. Chestnuts peel best when they're actually too hot to touch, but eventually, they were all peeled, chopped, and cooking with the butter, onions, celery, and spices before being poured in with the broken bread. I DO stuff the bird, sorry Mr. Brown, I do not believe stuffing to be evil (I also use wooden cutting boards). Turkey went in right on time, after Barb's apple-yam casserole came out of the oven, and we prepared to feed three people with enough food for roughly twenty. The fingerling potatoes & beets were not done when we served, so we made due with a very fine brown gravy (best I've made in a while), absolutely delicious stuffing, green beans w/bacon, and a terrific turkey, along with the yams. The potatoes & beets were done later, but they didn't get eaten. Then I whipped the cream and we had a little slice of each dessert.

We finished dinner two hours ago and I'm still stuffed. It was not a good time for the sink to get clogged, but I think I got it out with a home remedy (salt & vinegar) and some judicious plunging.

Watched the parade and the dog show, am listening to the news now - sounds like the rest of the world is having a pretty sucky day. :-( I can only hope it's better for folks out there SOON.

I have two reviews due tomorrow and I haven't watched the DVD yet. I'm getting shockingly lax in this job.

Cairo just used the litter box and then came to wipe his feet on me. He's being very loving, to make up for his escape earlier today (I came back from picking up mom and found the door wide open and two cats gone (Cuervo hadn't realized yet the opportunity)) - he's not letting me type, he keeps grabbing my arm and biting my fingers.

All in all, a pretty darned good day.

NOW let the Christmas stuff commence.

Happy Holidays, y'all.
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