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In which I am thoroughly flummoxed

I =know= I got these all right, so why only a B+?

Your Vocabulary Score: B+

You have a zealous love for the English language, and many find your vocabulary edifying.
Don't fret that you didn't get every word right, your vocabulary can be easily ameliorated!

There weren't even any I was kind of iffy about that I could go back and change. I know I'm given to malapropism when I speak, but when I read I'm usually purdy dern gud at comperhenshun...

This week has been somewhat hectic at work and generally relaxing at home. I have two reviews due and I've done only the plain level of what I've had to do. On the other hand, in one of those MANY wonderful perks that do come with the reviewing job, Legacy sent me the brand-new, complete box set of Johnny Cash at San Quentin, which includes the ENTIRE concert on two CDs (a re-release of the original concert album plus everything that was cut out before) and the DVD of the show, plus the British documentary on the making of the show, and the whole 40-page booklet, which I was so totally not expecting, because they'd already sent me just the promotional package (I wish Rhino had done this, then I wouldn't still need an official release on Dwight's box set).

ANYWAY, up for review this week were Farmer Jason's newest release, "Rockin' in the Forest" and Joan Osborne's "Pretty Little Stranger." The former is a kiddie album of fun sing-a-long songs, the second a powerfully adult alt-country album on a par with Rosanne Cash's work (that Rodney Crowell appears on harmony vocals for a song he wrote is sheer coincidence - I thought she sounded like Rosanne before I read the credits).

Events of the week: Whoo hoo for Democrats! Whoo hoo for Arizona dumping the "protect marriage" act! Oh, I know it'll be back, but for now - whoo hoo! My big funny of the week: Bush saying "we took a thumpin'... and I guess I share some of the responsibility." Ya think?

My arm is feeling better, but it still hurts when I do certain things (lifting, pulling, using the mouse too much); but I can twist and do simple, light things without noticing any pain. I have been having some trouble sleeping and I haven't watched a single calorie this week (except to note them passing my lips), so only maintained, no further current weight loss. Still, I did manage to get to the gym three times this week (Tuesday I voted; Wednesday I TRIED to sleep in because I was exhausted, but the cat was not allowing this).

I passed the first part of my insurance exam with a 93. Now the hard part starts. Why am I doing this? It looks good on my performance review, which is coming up shortly. I have already been told I have the highest production percentage in the unit (which, looking at company-wide averages, means I may be very close to the top of the company, as well). This should bode well for my review/raise/bonus. Which means a new bed for me-n-my better half, at long last.
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