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In which I kick futilely at the universe

Stupid banks. After foolishly overspending at the grocery store this weekend, I thought to cover my idiot ass by transferring some money from my online savings account to my checking account, just to make sure. Although the money has left my savings account, it is not IN my checking account, and not only did the trip to the store go through, but also an outstanding check which chose TODAY to go through (it couldn't wait one more day?), so WHAM, there's a $25 "insufficient funds" fee. ARGH!!! At least I have guaranteed checking, so the check was paid - but now I'm in the red until the money apparently floating around the internet makes it to the checking account.

I KNEW I shouldn't have spent so much at the store, but I thought I'd have some leeway... Foolish! My own fault. I hate it when it's my own fault, I can't blame anyone but me. The insufficient funds fee will leave me with, once the theoretical money gets there, about $4 until Friday, when I will have real money again. I'd be FINE if it weren't for the stupid FEE. Please GOD don't let anything else suddenly show up (I don't think there's anything else hiding out there) until that transfer goes through!


I need to stop living so close to the edge all the time.

Finally, finally tomorrow is voting day and it will ALL STOP (for at least two years, I suppose). Apparently Arizona's ballot is one of the longest in the country. It's ENORMOUS. We have a million billion propositions this time out and all of them are Important and Significant, some cancel the others out, so it's important to know which one is which (like the difference between 201 [yes] and 206 [no]. See rahirah's journal). And it's Arizona's turn to decide whether or not we remain second-class citizens (VOTE NO ON PROP 107), as well as whether or not we should continue to conserve the land around the big cities or just let developers pave it all, and if veal calves and pork loin pigs should be allowed to have more than a tiny crate to live in until they're killed for meat.

I know all the WHO I'm voting for - and pretty much the WHAT - but I'm not sure how long it's going to take me. I think I'm going to try and hit the polls first thing in the morning and see if I can beat the lines. Otherwise I have to go at 5:30, when I get home from work, and THAT will be a nightmare...

Work sucked today, we didn't get the mail done; we have three people out sick and the incoming mail was apparently practicing for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

My stomach hurts, I'm cranky and I want to stuff my face. Blurgh.
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