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In which there is a cat on my lap

This cat is standing on me and kneading my arms with his feet. It's sweet but makes it hard to get to the keyboard.

Yesterday was Halloween. I made a very successful flapper, if I do say so myself. We did not get very many kids, so there is a whole lotta candy left - we had two big bags from Costco (one with 155 pieces, the other 145; Hershey's mix and M&M/Mars mix - I filled a big Ziploc to haul to work for the folks there. All of what we DID get was little kids in pretty good costumes. Loads of Princesses, although Batman appeared to be popular this year, as well as Spidey, a pirate or two, some standard ghosts and witches, some angels and devils, even a few pumpkins, a care bear, and a teeny little unicorn. One little ghoulie was so shy she wouldn't even hold her bag open and I had to kinda shove the candy through a little crack. Her mother smiled apologetically.

I ate too much sugar yesterday. Maybe that's why I'm draggy today. Very tired this morning, but I am up, and did not talk myself into going back to bed. Must... work... out...

Because I spent all evening Monday baking for yesterday (made pumpkin gingerbread and chocolate cookie skulls), I'm way behind on my Flist, so I'm not ignoring anyone (since of course whenever I can't read everyone I know multi-posts, usually something long and interesting), I'm just a little behind.
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