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In which I drive-by post

This is very amusing. All who have ever, EVER gotten involved with any discussion at all online should get a giggle from it.

I went out today to look and see what kinds of silly half-off Halloween things I could find for last-minute decorating. Not much on sale yet, but there were a few little ghouls on sale at Walgreens, and now they decorate the porch. I'll hang the Hanged Man later, since he takes a little work.

I shall be a flapper this year, since that's what the girls at work chose, and I look pretty spiffy in my black fringes.

After I left Walgreens, I went to get some gas at Costco and stopped at the nearby Ross to see if I could find a pair of slacks I liked. There were several that were all right, but only one pair of black cords fit well (a size =7=, no less). Then I saw a pretty, floaty little beige dress with a black tulle overlay and lace. Size 6. I thought, "What the hey, I'll try it on." It fits. It's gorgeous. I bought it.

It's a sickness, I tell you.
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