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Ah, another Sunday Night

I have a glass of pretty fine Pinot Noir, am listening to the news, and am writing a little bit.

My arm still hurts - I'm avoiding any kind of lifting at all, but just normal activities will make it hurt, like picking up a 12-pack (note to try to lift those with left arm) or putting down a piece of paper (it's the twisting) or writing with a pen (stop that) or using the mouse (damn it) and so on and so forth. I went and got some Ben Gay patches which are nice and soothing and one of those little hand-held vibrating massage-y things. I suppose I have to go back to the doctor at some point.

I am still cranky at my webmistress at About, but when she sent a long lecture about things and what I need to do to make HER (paying) job easier, and how I need to stop "writing reviews" for my Call It Americana article (she told me when she asked me to do the bi-weekly article that I could choose my own topics, mind you), I just responded "Okay" and determined I wouldn't pick up anything new beyond what I already have in my queue and go from there; if media outlets send me un-requested discs I like, I'll review them at Epinions, where I have an account I don't use often enough. Bitch, gripe, moan, complain. I need to branch out more from About, anyway. However, next week I have due the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Sunny Sweeney (who is REALLY good - and I am TOUGH on girl singers), and, if it arrives, a new Roy Orbison DVD; I also have a couple of kid's discs from "Farmer Jason," who is really the hardcore Americana lead singer of Jason & The Scorchers - they're both cute and really good. Then Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis's Christmas CD, Waylon Jennings' DVD, and a few others I haven't received yet.

Perhaps my next article will discuss FREEDOM of choice... it fits into the Americana theme... corporate radio making demands on artists... yeah... (The main reason I don't just tell her to kiss off is because I enjoy doing the reviews, and I REALLY like being able to hear some stuff I wouldn't get a chance to otherwise, since Phoenix is a backward crap town when it comes to hearing Americana music anywhere... bear in mind this "Guide to country music on the About.com network" once asked me "did Merle Haggard sing some song about swinging doors?" {if you know anything at all about country music, I'm sure that hurt you as much as it did me} - I figure I NEED to be there. Someone with some actual knowledge about the genre's history ought to be working there...)

I ate badly today; mostly potato chips and cookies. Did make a nice burger and snap peas for dinner, though. I have lost two pounds this month, though (as of last Thursday).

I am up to almost 1500 points in the "My Coke Rewards." I'm now aiming for only 2560 points (a lovely evening gown), because somehow, some way, they're already sold out of the 11,000-point laptops. I can't figure out how anyone could get to 11,000 points. It's taken me months to get to 1500 points. I obviously need to drink even more Diet Coke...

I want more weekend.

We went to see The Prestige yesterday - I truly enjoyed it. I spent about half the movie CERTAIN that David Bowie was playing Tesla, but the makeup was so good I wasn't sure - and I thought perhaps I would have HEARD if Bowie was in this film, but it turned out I was right. It was the eyes that did it. I looked at those eyes thought, "That HAS to be Bowie!" I think The Illusionist was a better film, although despite superficial similarities, they really aren't anything alike; but the acting was fine (especially impressed with Jackman's flexibility) and the makeup was AMAZING. I was amused that one of the few people actually using their own accent in the movie (at least of the leads) was Michael Caine, who almost never plays a character who uses his own "working-class" accent (not sure what part of England it actually belongs to, but it's not the BBC-standard he usually affects for most roles). The Australian was playing an American, the American was playing an Englishman (the same part of London the character of Rose and her family come from - I at least recognized THAT accent), etc. But a very enjoyable film. Lots of nice little twists (some predictable, but still good). I have to read the book now.

I did indeed watch Curse of the Fatal Death today. Bwah hah hah! It was particularly amusing in retrospect that the parody had a "Tenth Doctor" who was, in his own words, "young... sexy... lick-the-mirror handsome!" Jonathan Price plays a world-class, scenery-chewing Master. I wish I knew how to get screencaps off .avi files, 'cause some scenes were just begging to be made into icons.
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