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In which I drive-by post

I did a quick read through of friends-list entries, but didn't have time to comment everywhere I wanted to.

Here I am at around 170 pounds. I was twenty years old and never did much besides a little bicycling.

And here I am at around 170 pounds, at 40 years old, and exercising regularly.

And bear in mind, I have never cut out anything from my diet; I just eat less of it, and exercise more.

Tired now. Have to write reviews tomorrow. How does the week get by so quick? Why is Thursday suddenly the only day I have for writing reviews?

In television news, I'm loving Heroes; I rather like Jericho; LOST has gone and gotten really good again; still loving NCIS (Ziva was a great addition to that show); waiting anxiously for House to come back; Boston Legal has been fun thus far (the light fourth-wall breakage is amusing, but they probably ought to cut back on it); I enjoy The Nine but never manage to stay awake for it on Wednesday nights so have been watching it on Sunday afternoons. The television in the living room is REALLY starting to seriously give out. I have homeowner's insurance and back taxes due this and next month, then Christmas, and THEN, hopefully, there will be money again. I pray the set lasts that long.
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