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Fun fair day. For more details, see sillymagpie's journal. There is much, much yumminess in the evil, vile concoction which is a battered, deep-fried Snickers bar on a stick. Unbecredible. Chipper moment on the fifty-story drop ride, as the loudspeaker was playing Weird Al's "White & Nerdy." Hee.

I love bunnies. I love horsies (great, huge, gigantic horsies). I want to buy many useless items, including the wonderful massage chair. It made me very happy.

Other daily worries discussed in rahirah's journal. Yes, I am being lazy.

I got my reviews done for yesterday; I have three due next week. [whimper] I haven't listened to any of them (largely because two only just arrived yesterday, and one isn't here yet). And my article. I'm going to write about Americana songwriter/singer J.J. Baron. Youngster, wickedly good songs, sings kinda like Neil Young.

After the fair, sillymagpie went off to a birthday party so rahirah and I went to spend more money. I hadn't planned on spending that much, but damn, cute tops and comfortable platform (wedgie) loafers. Damn. And then a good dinner at Thai Lahni, to make up for the massive amount of junk eaten at the fair. (Did I mention how good deep-fried chocolate is?)

Kitten who wants attention poking me in the arm with claw tips. Makes typing hard. Thus sentence fragments.

Now this cat is on my mouse washing his feet. Darned cat. Almost as cute as bunnies.

Tired now. Must sleep.

Arm is feeling better, at least.


Oct. 15th, 2006 11:45 am (UTC)
OMG! I'm a'gonna send you your Christmas present early, because I just figured out what it is. Squee! (Suitably mysterious, I hope?)

PS - But what to get rahirah? Gaaaah! Oh well. I have several months to figure it out.)

PPS - Send me your street addy again. That folder's all boxed up at work and it's a real crapshoot as to when I'll see it again.
Oct. 15th, 2006 03:13 pm (UTC)
Ah, very interesting... very intriguing! :D

She's hard to buy for (easy enough to shop for, provided you're at least a comfortable thousandaire... *g*). Loves horses and art glass (and Spike, of course).

Will do.

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