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In which I want more time

I occasionally, these days, have a tiny amount of time at the office, but I can't do anything with it except piddle around until it's time to go, so that doesn't count.

My commute is shorter than most people's (20 - 30 minutes, depending on traffic); I don't know why I feel I have room to complain about my total lack of time to do anything, yet somehow...

I gripe. I'm tired and I never have time to read.

End gripe.

I forgot to record Heroes last night, so we have to remember to watch the re-broadcast on Friday on SciFi.

I've moved from my tiny, hot cubicle right by the door to the large, cold cubicle by the phone. I think I like it better. I'd rather be able to put on a sweater than just sweat.

I'm sure I had other things to say, but even letting this sit for a while I can't remember anything else.

Oh, for all you weirdos, I was cold this morning - it dropped down to a freezing 64 degrees! *g*
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