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In which I yammer

On Monday my truck rolled over to 200,000 miles. I whooped about this milestone and then got distracted by the helicopter circling our neighborhood and all the cop cars. Never did find out what was going on.

I wonder if I had a slight cold the last few days. I feel much better now than I did, and I'm still on the medicine. Either that or I'm becoming acclimatized to it.

A fun waste of time.

I need to figure out how to make chili for our diversity lunch on Friday. The making won't be the problem - the problem, such as it is, is my gigantic Cadillac Kitchenaid slow cooker, which is not designed to be carried to work (or anyplace, really). I need a small, portable crock pot, now, apparently. I was hoping my Presto cooker would have gotten here (my choice for this year's "Christmas present" from work), but not yet. It does take a few weeks. I have to figure something out. Even if I make it in a pot and then warm it by the bowlful in the microwave... maybe that would work...

I have to do a lot of writing. I need to get my brain going. (What I want to do is make icons...) But first, fish and risotto for dinner!
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