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In which I am exhausted

The anti-inflammatories I'm on say they can cause fatigue and weakness. I hope that's what's wrong with me. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and couldn't get up for the gym; in fact, came darned near oversleeping.

I am just plain tired. It's about 8:30 now and I'm weary. Very weary. I wanted to work a little on my short story (the one I think might make a decent submission to something; it did well enough in the writing contest I entered it in), but I can't wrap my mind around fiction at the moment, so I started working on one of the MANY things I have due on Friday. Wayne Hancock's upcoming release, Tulsa, is just as good as you'd expect Wayne Hancock to be. I also have to work on a Brad Paisley disc which hasn't arrived yet, a DVD of Americana videos (mostly from groups I've never heard of, although there are some Wayne Hancock, Bobby Bare Jr., and Robbie Fulks shots on there). And my article. This time out I'm going to cover a disc from Spicewood Seven called Kakistocracry, more protest country music. (KAKISTOCRACY (kah-kih-stah-krah-see) noun. {derived from the Greek 'kakistos,' "the worst" and 'cracy,' "to rule"; 'kaki-' is dereived from an Indo-European root for human defecation (e.g., ca-ca)} Government characterized by gross incompetence and/or corruption. The symbol for the Kakistocracy of the early 21st century, A.D., looks like this: W)

I opened a can of soup this evening for dinner and instantly alienated all cats, who were DEEPLY offended that this open can produced nothing for a cat to eat. They haven't come around me all night.

So tired. . . .


I sure HOPE it's the meds...
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