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In which I sum up

My arm DOES hurt. I have a rotator cuff injury. Apparently a mild one, since I can move it, but now I have a prescription for medicine and an order to reduce my upper-body lifting for a while. I suppose I pushed myself a little too hard...

Now that I'm finished with the feds, the state suddenly noticed I owe back taxes, too. *sigh* Fortunately, the state does not ask for an arm and a leg, only about one entire paycheck, so it's only an annoyance, not a hardship. And at least they DID have the courtesy to wait until I was done with the feds!

I finished my reviews for the week and I can recommend the book "Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Country Music In America." It's in depth and well-researched and has a lot of good writing in it (including an essay by Rosanne Cash), as well as a LOT of photos. Excellent coffee-table book for anyone who likes country music (or roots music in general). The only flaw is the very brief, almost nonexistent, mention that is made of today's real country music, Americana, and no mention at all is made of the Texas music movement which looms so large therein. At least the writers who discuss the topics are savvy enough to hammer home what has happened to the mainstream country music, though, with the sudden push for beauty over talent for women singers (all helped by Pro Tools) and the loss of true authenticity in the music (and again, where was the Texas and other Western music?). Still, a very good book.

I was also pleased in my research for the disc I was reviewing to find that I no longer have to shun Cracker Barrel restaurants. They have released a line of music CDs called "American Music Legends," and I was reviewing one - come to find out reading articles in Gay Times and elsewhere that they finally have gotten rid of their anti-gay hiring policies and have written non-discriminatory on the basis of sexual orientation language into all of their hiring materials. This is at a Corporate level, so I would imagine there may still be some individual stores/restaurants that cling to the old ways, but it's good to know someone's getting wise.

Otherwise, a pretty ordinary week. I'm training the two temps at the office and while one of them is spot-on with understanding, the other has a habit of coming to get me for some crisis or other just as I'm thinking, "Ah! Almost done!" with my own work. But I think I'm doing a pretty good job. Got another crack monthly production review, too.

Weight still maintaining, no losses there.

In other news, hooray! Doctor Ten is finally on American TV, and they're releasing the Region 1 DVDs in January instead of waiting for July! Can't wait for School Reunion (especially now that I've seen a few Sarah Jane episodes and think she's gotten a lot more level headed as she's gotten older).
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