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In which I say Arrrrrr!

Avast, mateys! It's a happy talk like a pirate day I be wishin' 'pon ye!

This was a productive day off. I got the laundry done and almost organized this room, along with getting some things filed and stored and put away and thrown away. It was a very FAST day, though; I don't know where the time went to.

Last night I made pan-seared sea scallops with saffron risotto which came out nicely; today I did bruschetta which also came out well, although some of them fell off the pan to the floor (oops).

My arm hurts a lot, though. I'm not sure if it's a muscle ache or what, but it hurts when I lift it or do much of anything with it, really. I suppose I should have it looked at, but I'm always so reluctant to go to the doctor for such minor things. A heating balm last night helped a lot, as does stretching if I force it to stretch.

I have two CDs to review this week and a new article to write. I really wish I hadn't gotten roped into reviewing yet another gospel disc - it's hard to review gospel without sounding like you're judging the content of the music.

The topic of my article will be a capsule review of the Dwight show I saw Sunday night. Great show; I am glad to see that Eddie Perez (former Maverick) is a worthy guitarist to back Yoakam. He's no Pete Anderson, but then, very few are. He's good, and that's enough for me. I miss the fiddle, though. Still, a four-man band isn't bad, especially since one of them, Josh Grange, is one of those multi-instrument powerhouses. Seems to me, though, Dwight has cast off his old band and surrounded himself with young hipsters in an attempt to recapture his former "King of Country Cool" hipness. Dude, you're fifty (or will be, next month). Revel in it. Country music forgot about you years ago, it's those ten-hours-in-the-gym, ripped-abs, super-buff fake cowboys that capture the mainstream attention now. Your fans are us old ladies. Love us.

The worst thing about the show was for some reason the Celebrity nixed cameras. I was VERY pissed off, considering how many pictures I have from the Celebrity. I hate it when they change the rules. *frowny face*

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