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In which I complain

Nothing makes me crankier than screwing up when I'm cooking. I was watching the clock, making sure I wasn't letting the soup boil too long, and then suddenly -- I could smell it burning. Damn it!!! How did that water boil out so FAST?!? *grumble, complain, whine, curse* I washed out the pot, cleaned the beans, scrapped off as much burned as I could, but it still isn't as good as it would have been. Plus, all the beans didn't cook through (may have been an old mix) so it was mealy, too.

And all my chocolate chips sink to the bottom (different recipes, natch). Whenever I think I'm good at something, something screws me up. Karma hates me.

On my "interests" collage I couldn't get "House" to show up as the television show, just as pictures of houses. I stayed with the house I liked best. Others do not seem to have this problem. I suck.

Next week's Bones appears to be a recycled script from last year's NCIS. Serial killer who is still killing although he's been in prison for years. Mmmmmmmmmm.

The television in the living room is dying. There's a black band across the top with bright spots. Can't afford a new one. Dang it. For me television is a necessity, not a luxury. Sad, I know, but true.

I have a little extra money this paycheck, due to last week's overtime, but I was planning on buying the REAL Star Wars Trilogy with some of it. So of course I'll need something to watch it on... (I wonder if the damned thing will last until I get my performance cash bonus in March. That's only what, six months?)

Snapple white teas are yummy (sweetened with sugar, not corn syrup, and only 60 calories).

I managed to get back to the gym this morning, at least.
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