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In which it is finally the weekend

I'm about three days behind on my flist, and while I saw there were some interesting posts from people, it's hard to read on the screen because I've been fighting a low-grade headache for the last three days which I am not sure whether it is a) sinuses, caused by weather-change air pressure; or b) caused by the bump on my head I got last week when I slammed my forehead into the hatchback (one of the most evil inventions of mankind). I don't think it's the latter, but it's on my list just because it still hurts, although the bruising has turned that healing brown color, and when I rub my forehead because of the headache, well, ouch.

I'm also behind because I had two reviews and an article due this week - Chris Jones, awesome; The Duhks, very good; article about the amazing Roger Wallace. I wrote the reviews on Thursday, the article this morning. I've had the headache since sometime Thursday, I think. I worked overtime every day this week, which I will enjoy when the paycheck comes, but I think that, too may have added to the headache - not enough sleep and Word Processing... I honestly don't know how I managed to work in Word Processing for eight hours a day for nearly five years. I could barely stand two hours a day of it. Returning to my bustling mailroom/imaging job was a blessing after listening to the bloody dictaphone for two hours.

Of course, listening to the field inspectors talk about the problems caused by the summer storms in this area makes me look around the house and see all the problems WE have - if we had an actual disaster and had to have an inspection, we'd be in trouble with underwriting. The damage that Sam has caused alone would warrant an underwriting review (yes, I'm insured with the Company I work for, so it gives me a unique perspective into what would get me canceled; no, there are no perks - employees pay the same as everyone else and are subject to the same scrutiny). Pigeons have pecked all the paint off our vent caps (this I can see from the back yard - I can't imagine how bad it must look if one is actually on the roof), the house interior has NEVER been painted in all the time we've lived here, there's a big hole in the drywall in the back bathroom where the plumbers cut through to replace the fixtures in the front bathroom, the back bathroom shower is totally clogged with cat litter and doesn't turn on anymore, and the CONTENTS (read: clutter) we have... well, I can only say I'm glad our roof is sound, pigeons notwithstanding, and we're on a high area that never floods. Of course, who knows what might happen to our million-year-old galvanized pipes? Should one of them burst...

I'm inviting trouble. Can't help it, reading those inspection reports just makes me start worrying. Of course, with luck maybe it won't be more than another year before we can actually start getting some serious work done around this house. *knock wood*

I should clean my desk here. I'm practically buried in piles of CDs and press releases, many of which I'm done with and should throw away (the media crap, not the CDs - those ones I don't keep I usually drop in the boxes for Goodwill if I don't give 'em away to people I think would like 'em). I have a pile of pictures I have to mail to mom, tapes I need to digitize, and I don't know WHY some of this other stuff is here (I'm a big one for taking something out of somewhere, using it, and leaving it by my side to get buried instead of putting it back where it came from). We had to get a new cable modem this week and since it was buried behind a bunch of crap on my CPU, and Barb had to get behind everything to move cables around, I was once again shown just how much crap I have on this desk. (And of course, it's all necessary, like these toys, for example... where did the Doctor get off to?) I keep telling myself to bite down hard and really throw away crap I haven't touched/played with/looked at for the last four years, but once I see it again, it's hard to do that. One of those things is all the vinyl records, which take up oodles of space, but I know there's no real market for them as collector's items - just plain vinyl isn't nearly as valuable as people thought it was going to be - and I cannot, absolutely cannot simply throw them away.

It's another windy/rainy day. Been nice, actually getting rain this year. Almost like a real monsoon season, even if it's running later than usual.

Been maintaining weight-wise. Good enough for now. At least I'm not gaining. I haven't been able to get to the gym in over a week due to overtime. Hopefully can get my motivation back next week.
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