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In which I wonder

I got caught watching this silly movie I thought would be stupid, and while it IS kinda silly, it's also cute and fun the same way A Knight's Tale and, to some extent, 10th Kingdom were - "medieval" in the sense of sets and costumes (some of them, anyway), but modern music and dialog, and a cute twist on the Cinderella story - Ella Enchanted. It's very goofy, but it's narrated by Eric Idle, Carey Elwes is the villain, Joanna Lumley is the wicked stepmother (and the girl who played Sally Peep in 10th Kingdom is one of the stepsisters), and I can't help but think the writers gave a sly wink to SF fans, as the village Ella is from is called "Frell." It owes more than a little to Shrek (Ella using karate moves on the baddies in the forest, uh, yeah), with a lot of nods to other modern fantasies, and I really liked it.

I went out this weekend and pretty well spent my entire paycheck. We got a new phone system (three handsets and a base, with all the bells and whistles you can shake a stick at - I've gotten as far as setting the clock and changing the ring tone on two of the handsets, but haven't even tackled the daunting task of setting the base - the answering system, the phone book, etc., etc.), and I picked up a bunch of DVDs (The Simpsons Season Eight and Buffy Season Six at Costco, then at Best Buy used my birthday gift certificate from sillymagpie to get Titus Seasons 1 & 2 and the Animated "The Tick vs. Season One," which I hadn't even realized was out on DVD yet!); we got some yummy cinnamon rolls and a few other things, then today I went shopping with sillymagpie and got some gorgeous bras at Victoria's Secret. I didn't need those, but "I had a coupon!" I have just enough to live on for the next two weeks until the next one arrives. Plus there were the purchases rahirah mentioned. But are we content? Yes, indeed.

I really like having Mondays off. They should start a trend.
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