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In which I tell the truth

1) I landed an airplane when I was four years old.

This is true. We were flying to Nebraska for Christmas (to spend it with my father's family) and introduce them to Tim, who was just over a year old at the time. Dad and I were sitting in the front, Mom was with Tim in the back. Dad turned over the controls to me as we landed, he showed me how, and I brought her down perfectly, he said (in a snowstorm). Dad always said I took to flying "like a duck to water," and it's one of those endless regrets that I was too stupid in my teens to take advantage of free flying lessons in order to get my license - and now I can't afford it.

2) I have been to Rome.

False. I've never been off the continent, or out of the lower 48, for that matter.

3) I went to elementary school in the Zuni Pueblo.

True, or more specifically, 2nd and 3rd grade (Mrs. Roastingear and Mrs. Montano). I was one of three white girls, which naturally meant those were my friends. I didn't even remember it was on top of the actual pueblo until I was older and drove through the area and realized that both the school and the church had to be actually WITHIN the pueblo itself. All I remember was the long Indian name (Toyalani), and the church had beautiful paintings of Kachinas up and down the walls. Sometime I want to go back and actually LOOK around, and not just drive past.

4) I have a large family.

Sadly, false. Mom and I are the last of my immediate family; she has three brothers, but I only ever see Bob and his wife; I've lost touch completely with what remained of Dad's family (although I tried last year to reach them, they never responded). All my grandparents are long dead, as are my father and brother.

5) Edward Abbey was one of my writing teachers.

True. He was as gruff and no-nonsense as his books are, and he told me, "You're a good writer. Too bad you write crap." I actually really liked that comment, because all it really said was he didn't approve of frivolous romantic fantasy. I was still GOOD. I didn't even know who he was at the time; I just always remembered him because he was actually a pretty good teacher (certainly the most memorable of my college writing teachers).

6) I don't like large, ostentatious jewelry.

False. I LOVE large, ostentatious jewelry. Hand over the bling.

I think I may have been wrong about the status of snowbirds in Arizona. In the last week or so, traffic has increased alarmingly, which always happened around the end of August - it never occurred to me that now, instead of "good in the summer, bad in the winter" traffic, we have "bad in the summer, and really damned crappy" in the winter.

It rained like freakin' crazy all day today. They were just showing the flooded streets, just like old times. Makes me happy and nostalgic.

I have to write a review and an article tonight/tomorrow. I have chosen the Music Row Democrats for my article topic - the donation for song downloads was worth it, even if I already had a couple of the songs. Very good stuff. The disc to be reviewed is Old Crow Medicine Show, a group that shows one can perform traditional, old-time country music without sounding as though they should be pressed on wax or something.

So naturally instead of writing I'm poking around on LJ...
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