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In which I ramble about the week

Dave Insley's new CD, Here With You Tonight, debuted at #1 on the Freeform Americana Roots chart. Buy yourselves a copy if you like good music. You'll be supporting independent music, good music, and a good buddy of mine, all at the same time. *grin*

Today I was told the little fan on my desk can't be there anymore because it's electric, and we're only allowed to have battery-powered ones. I can't figure arbitrary rules, especially when they're haphazardly enforced - I've seen many electronic gadgets on desks in OTHER units, so I don't know why we always get the Stern Enforcement of the stupid corporate rules (tm). It's not like I use it all the time, only when it gets hot in my cubicle, usually Mondays because it takes a while for the building to cool down after the weekend. (Then, of course, it's freezing.) Ah, well.

After many months, I was looking through my manuscript for some information and varied between, "This isn't too bad, really," to "oh, my GOD, look at those stupid typos! I only read this stupid drivel nine hundred times, you'd think I might have caught something THAT stupid!" Like misspelling "bollocks." Oops. *headdesk* I thought I was being SO careful with my British-isms.

I got a nice email from Kacey Jones, whose CD I just reviewed - always nice to be appreciated.

This week has been pretty good overall. I haven't gotten very much done (mostly downloaded Dr. Who eps and puttered around reading other peoples' journals). I have to work tomorrow, which is good paycheck-wise but is rather tiring. I didn't have any reviews due this week, but I have at least one due next week, so I hope I get the writing bug back.
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