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In which I yammer about myself

I did not win a major award this year. I kind of figured I hadn't, when August came and I hadn't heard anything - and my stories did not win for the exact reasons I guessed they likely wouldn't - I ain't that good at SHORT stories. Both came back with comments praising my writing but asking for more detail; in the case of one, it is fair. It's a scene that was never in the novel, but I thought it might stand well enough on its own - and it might, with some serious work. I could, I suppose, keep them short by following many good and useful suggestions on the stories; both were basically written in a great hurry and I didn't give them the in-depth editing they obviously needed (I was struggling to keep them under 5000 words as it was). But I'm pleased to read that my characters are interesting and likable, everyone comes across as credible, and what I really need to work on is working my exposition throughout the story rather than in big lumps (which I knew, but I've always had trouble with).

So there it is. (There are two major typos on the Southwest Writers cover letter and Awards Banquet invitation. "Thank you for supporting SouthWest Writers and insuring that our annual contest was. . ." I know most people would use "insuring" rather than "ensuring," but come on! A writer's contest! And the TITLE on the invitation actually says "SouthWest Writer's Awards Banquet." !!!!!!!!!

Why isn't Headline News "HEADLINE" news anymore? Every time I try to watch for some news, I get that idiot Glenn Beck ranting at the camera. I managed to sit through him raving at the camera about how "we should get off the political correctness and just blame all Middle Easterners for everything otherwise our very country, if not the world, is at risk!" Ignoring the fact that profiling people would, kinda, in my mind, anyway, destroy our country in a far more insidious, if subtle, way. Apparently, however, the Apocalypse is going to happen on August 22. It misses my birthday, anyway. Everyone get ready!

I've been working a lot of overtime this week in my old unit, Word Processing, which suddenly got hit with a TON of dictation, largely because of the number of storms that have ravaged the southwest (yes, I work in insurance; we cover Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming). This means I haven't worked out in over a week (since I left Vegas - my last workout was Friday morning at the Bellagio); still, I managed to come home from Vegas without having gained anything, and I haven't gained anything this week despite not really counting my calories too closely. Not gaining is good, but I need to get back to the losing side. I'm wearing size 9 jeans reliably now; a belt I bought at my heaviest, a 42, and started at the very first belt notch, is now past the last notch and through the two notches I added to it - and sadly, can't go further because of the inset conchos - and I'm wearing it on my hips. Yay me. But I really do love this belt. I hope I can find one like it sometime. Because one of the girls at work put it all in perspective for me when I said I'm losing clothes I liked as I lose weight... the mantra of the shopper I've become, "But that means I have to buy NEW ones!!!" And do I? Oh, boy.

But I need to stop for a while, since property tax time is coming, and we'll need the cash for that. I think, I say, I THINK I may have enough clothes to hold me for a little while. I hope. Of course, the Doctor's wearing RED Converse next season, so... *mouth watering* I also saw the cutest Baby Phat high tops (with the cats!) last night at a trendy shoe store, and these awesome high heels... (ARGH!) Fortunately, said trendy shoe shop didn't appear to be very interested in actually, you know, selling shoes or anything (the oh-so-hot, trendy, and bored-looking clerks didn't feel much inclined to wait on a trio of old ladies... so we went down the mall to Famous Footwear).

I should have written my article on Dave's show last week LAST WEEK, when it was fresh, because I am not happy with writing it today. I don't remember enough of what was played to do it much justice. Pretty much crap. But at least it's done and submitted, along with the pictures (which ARE good). It'll be posted later this weekend, since the web mistress is at a concert tonight.

I stopped at the local Asian food market on the way home. Three cans of coconut milk for $1.68, instead of one can for $1.79, which was the price I saw at Safeway. Heh. I got two varieties of red curry sauce, jasmine rice, a variety of crackers and some cookies, cans of bamboo shoots, baby corn, coconut milk and cream, a bottle of sesame oil, and a bag of fresh lychees for less than $30.

Now I need to back up everything on my old hard drive because it's started to make odd noises when I use it. *sigh* It's got all my important files on it, although the new drive is larger. (I suppose I could move a lot of it to the new drive, as well; what bugs me is a lot of my old programs will only work from the old drive, and I never could get them reloaded properly on the new...)
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