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In which I recap

All righty. Since last I posted, I spent my last days of vacation having a good time in Vegas - Thursday we spent the morning at the spa, had a lovely lunch at Todd English's Olives (seared sea scallops on pancetta risotto with honey corn milk, corn shoots, and almonds - I don't know where one finds "honey corn milk," but it was absolutely delicious!), and then went down to the Venetian to see the "Phantom - the Las Vegas Spectacular!" I suppose if any show is going to be cropped down to fit the shorter stagings for Vegas, it's an Andrew Lloyd Webber, but that aside I was very pleasantly surprised by the show ("Spectacular Spectacular," indeed). I loved the impressive staging and chandelier falling and everything. It was pretty awesome, the singing was fantastic, and I was wowed. Of course, it was staged by original director Harold Prince with original producer Cameron Macintosh, with some of the original cast members; but I totally loved it and I wasn't sure I would.

There was a delicious bakery stand outside where I got a chocolate tart to die for, and there was some shopping over at the Fashion Show Mall. It's a totally cool mall; I have to get up there sometime with sillymagpie, though. She's my shopping demon and it's a lot more fun to shop with her... Mom is great, but she's just not interested in cute clothes and frivolous fripperies anymore (she admitted as much, and expressed regret that I hadn't been more interested in shopping when SHE was younger!).

Back "home" to the Bellagio and a late supper at Noodles, the Asian-fusion (as in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc., variations) noodle restaurant which is affordable (especially considering it's in the Bellagio) and obviously authentic, since it has the great good fortune to be the place where it appears all the Asian visitors eat. SO good! Yummy bowl of spicy Dan Dan Noodles with Thai iced tea.

Friday was another morning spent at the spa, but this time we not only took advantage of the gym and wet spa facilities, but also had a complete body exfoliation and facial, which felt MARVELOUS. Then a late lunch at Cafe Bellagio, where I had a simple BLT, but it was a delicious BLT - wonderful Italian bread and apple wood smoked bacon, with fresh potato chips accompanied by a sweet onion dip that was to die for. We went out for a little walk and ended up at the Mirage, where Mom surprised me with tickets to the new Cirque de Soliel show, The Beatles' LOVE, which was just beautiful - I could watch it again and again and again. I read an article talking about the building of the show - it was, more or less, George Harrison's last project. He was good friends with the writer/director of the show, Dominic Champagne, and they were working on it together when Harrison passed away. Fortunately, Olivia Harrison wanted the show to continue, as did Yoko, Paul, and Ringo. Paul and Ringo came to see the final preparations - the full re-fitting of the old Siegfried & Roy Theatre (it's completely changed the layout of the Mirage), the arrangement of the songs, the dancing, the acrobatics - and it was one gorgeous show. Some scenes were breathtaking - "Help!" was done with trick rollerbladers; "Revolution" featured hippies and bobbies chasing around a British phone booth with trampolines, and "The Benefit for Mr. Kite" was a real three-ring circus. I could easily see being able to watch it a dozen times and come away with new impressions every time.

For our late supper this time, we went to one of the casino bars and had a fine selection of soft cheeses with fresh breads (including super-yummy pretzel bread) and cocktails. The last morning, Saturday, we finally tried the Bellagio's Buffet, and it's probably a good thing we waited until then, because, OH MY GOD, WOW. Despite being 9 in the morning, it was a brunch buffet, and the selection of foods was absolutely incredible. I stuck with breakfast items mostly, although I had to try a couple of their little desserts.

Then home. It was a great week.

So Saturday rahirah picked me up at the airport and I returned to my lovely abode and all the cats. After I unpacked everything, we went briefly out to Big Lots for half-price fingernail polish, then I napped for a little while before sillymagpie came over. We watched the first episode of Feasting on Asphalt from last week - oh, the joy of Alton Brown! - and then went out to the Yucca Tap Room to see Dave Insley. I would have given it a miss if it were a normal show, but it was the big CD release party, so I hadta be there fer m'buddy. Dave did a great show (of course), and we had a great time with the gang. I did not get drunk this time. *g*

And now a lazy Sunday afternoon meme, gakked from a few places...

So, the instructions:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that cool or intellectual book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people

Okay, I had to reach up to the shelves because all the closest books are dictionaries, character name books, and my concert note journals. The closest book I could reach has this line:

"Cooperation," he said. "Beautiful word. We're gonna make it out of here, you know."

Just like fenchurche, I don't know where it goes from here. Guess away! *g* (I went with whole sentences, from beginning to period; the fourth sentence would have given it away for sure.) I'm also not going to tag anyone specifically, anyone who wants to can do it.

And now it's back to the mundane everyday (and sometimes good stuff); a trip to Costco for pet food (and some other stuff, natch), laundry, garbage, cat box, and work tomorrow.

Ah! Corn milk is the white, milky stuff and the kernelly bits you get when you scrape the ears. Seasonal dish, it appears.
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