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In which I am still alone

I haven't heard from rahirah, who took the laptop for the express purpose of keeping in touch. I suppose it's possible that the hotel has no hot spot, so she hasn't been able to get on, but in these days of electronic keeping-in-touchiness, I'm just hoping she got to where she was going.

I have to do laundry and really do have to sweep/clean the front porch, since last night I discovered not one but two black widows were living out there - we rarely go outside after dark during the week, and the widows don't come out in the daylight. So sillymagpie and I went out shopping last night and I finally saw them. Managed to stomp one, and sprayed at the other, but don't know if I got it. I don't mind spiders in general, but the front porch is Too Close to possible escaping cats for the poisonous ones to live. Whenever they break the unspoken laws - do not get Too Close - I have to kill 'em.

Speaking of shopping, I spent some of my Vegas money on shoes last night. I justify this by the fact that I may have spent the same money IN Las Vegas on shoes; besides, these were a pair I'd seen before at Last Chance in a size too big. This time they were in a size Just Right, and at $20.99, they were fully 59.00 less than retail (which I've been contemplating, since I like the style and couldn't find them anywhere else), so it really was a savings of $59.00. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, anyway. There was a pair of ladies cowboy boots at the Really Expensive Shoe Store upstairs from Last Chance which fit like a dream, but I wasn't going to pay $150.00 for them, although that's really not a bad price for cowboy boots. I did say, however, that if I actually *knock wood* come home from Vegas with any money, which has happened, I would get them. We shall see.

In silly/weird fangirliness/weird writer coincidences, I found out that David Tennant's real birthday (April 18) is only two days off of Sean Patrick's fake one (April 16), so he's even an Aries, too. Is freaky.

I really should go for a workout, too. I haven't been since Wednesday.

ETA: Amusing SPAM received this morning: There bloodvessel even guitarist.

The Gram Parsons review is here. I like the way it came out. It'll be nice to be able to do reviews with this expanded format. WAY superior to the old template!
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