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In which I squee like a fangirl

Today I got my Sean Patrick Doctor Ten doll! He's so cute, in his pinstripe suit and little Converse shell-toes, with a teeny little sonic screwdriver. (He doesn't come with glasses!)

So now I want the cute little Dalek bottle stoppers. Hee. Or the Doctor Nine/Ten "regeneration action figures." Or the RC K-9! And here I've been trying to clear such claptrap OUT of my house...

I've been trying to wrap my mind around the intricacies of Indian naming practices -- no wonder Apu has such a tremendously long surname. I need a book on the subject, rather than just Wikipedia, I suppose. Just tiny things that will likely never be used, but are interesting to ME, which I need to know for background, as Matt is (heritage-wise) Irish/Apache/Swedish/Indian, so I'm naming his mother's family... Fascinating stuff.

Official weight this morning: 159. That makes it:


As often happens, though, I'm CRAVING chocolate. I have been following the advice, though, to give in to cravings when I have them, just have a couple bites of said craving so it doesn't build up and cause serious binging, and that seems to be working. I had a handful of chocolate almonds and now I'm satisfied.

This weekend I made slow-cooked pork roast - a small pork butt rubbed LIBERALLY in a BBQ rub mix (I'll have to see if I have the recipe around still) overnight in a bag, then slow cooked in the terra cota roaster most of the day at 250 degrees. Then when it was completely cooked, I pulled it apart with a couple of forks, put in some water (it was getting dry by then) and let it cook some more before putting it on rolls for sandwiches. We ate them with tater tots and peas. Yummy! Then I made little chocolate chip scones (I'm going through the new Kitchenaid baking book). All very successful.

"Why are there no tall buildings in Beirut?" *sigh*
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