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In which I meant to do this yesterday --

Happy Birthday, edgedancer! (A day late)

I meant to post yesterday, but somehow I got busy doing a billion things. I don't think I've recovered from my lost sleep of Tuesday night just yet. I was going to be good and go to the gym this morning, but that didn't happen, either.

The show was pretty danged awesome - I dragged along sillymagpie and rahirah, and they enjoyed what they stayed for. I kept reasonable notes and the review will appear next week in my new weekly article, Americana Archives. This week I have to review Switchback's new disc, Falling River Waters, which is folksy protest music of the good old brand. LORD, I'm glad to be seeing/hearing this kind of work at last. It's way past time. Of course, I guess it took ten years and three presidents for the horrors of Viet Nam to really sink in at home (yikes). Of course, that wasn't started by just one guy with a cowboy complex... (I truly hate it when people call Bush a cowboy. He ain't, and he gives a bad name to real ones.)

Jesse Dayton, Texan, is a flaming liberal who announced in his show that "dissent against one's government is the highest form of patriotism." He said Texans lump all them weird radicals into Austin to keep them segregated *g*, although his band comes from everywhere, and he himself is from Houston (he just lives in Austin now, I believe). Anyway, his plane came in so late (I don't think he got there until after 11), he didn't do a very long set. A shame, too, 'cause it's been a while since he was in Phoenix and he can REALLY do a kick-ass show when he's a mind to.

Still, Moot Davis & the Cool Deal - awesome enough, but add Pete Anderson and it's heavenly sublime. I could watch Pete play guitar forever. It's an experience which is either sexual or spiritual (or both), and Moot played a full 21-song set (about an hour or more). When he introduced Pete with the rest of the band toward the end, Pete played a signature lick from "Fast As You" - the first time I've heard him play anything from any of Dwight's songs since the whole thing happened, but I thought, you know, that's HIS lick. He might as well use it when he wants to. Couple of great guys, too. They both remembered me from previous shows and Pete thanked me for spreadin' the good word. I like being on Little Dog's list (Little Dog is Pete's record label).

Things like this would probably do a whole lot better in Phoenix if we just had an Americana radio station. As it is, it was pretty well packed (although not many folks left for Jesse - he complemented the hardcore troubadours who stuck with him!); the publicity company, Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment, did a bang-up job. In talking with Pete, I found out that the Rhythm Room isn't well-beloved by a lot of Americana acts because they don't publicize the acts very well (Dave Insley had pretty much told me he didn't like playing the Rhythm Room, either; I'm sure that's why), and was looking for another place to play in Phoenix. This city sucks for small, live venues. I offered up the dive down in Tempe (the Yucca Tap Room), which is too small for Moot Davis, and the Handlebar J in Scottsdale, which might serve all right, since they did well by Hank Jr.

But anyway, the rest of the groups, also awesome. I have to gather my thoughts and get it all down this weekend, probably.
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