Kats (wildrider) wrote,

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Sore muscles

Sitting on the floor trying to scrape up the felt underlayment of ancient linoleum should not make every muscle in my body hurt, dang it. I didn't manage to scrape up that much. Very unaccomplished yesterday, didn't manage to do anything at all, when my high objective for the weekend was to accomplish SOMETHING.

We have approximately five weeks until my Mom comes to visit, and while I know she knows I'm a terrible slob, I would like the house to be presentable when she gets here so I can avoid the "Mom looks." Yet, if I remain completely unaccomplished, I'm not sure how I'm going to do this. I took off the week she's here, and in retrospect, maybe I should have taken those vacation days earlier, to prepare...

I have gotten strangely hooked on "Ellen," the afternoon talk show. She's funny and smart and the show is neither as silly nor as treacley as your standard daytime talk shows -- more like late night ones, actually. Yet somehow I missed completely that David Boreanez was on last Tuesday. How did I miss that?!
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