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In which I meme, and muse

The usual stuff in the NY Times. This country's not going to heck in a handbasket, we're already there. Phoo.

Work was good today, though. Got everything done, and I was commended for absolutely smashing the record for indexing (I'm heck on wheels on ten-key) - company average is around 350, and I did 600 (documents). So I got a $25 bonus, which I need right now. Stupid car repairs! Of course, I also wouldn't be so broke if I hadn't bought so darned many clothes, then I would have had some money (but shoes, I wouldn't have shoes, and slacks, and bras, and blouses...) set aside and I wouldn't be so broke.

But on the other hand, I wouldn't have shoes. I'm starting to look =good= in nice clothes, girly clothes, even (men's clothes don't really fit anymore - who knew I had a figure?); I decided that I was tired of trolling through discount stores hoping to find bras in the colors I wanted in my size (apparently tiny women with big chests aren't common) and went to Fredrick's of Hollywood online and bought several good, high-quality bras in black and red and blue that FIT. Worth it!

Fangirl moment:

You scored as 1st Doctor. Grumpy, proud, but really just an old softy. Intelligence is no barrier to you.


1st Doctor


9th Doctor


2nd doctor


8th Doctor


10th Doctor


5th Doctor


6th doctor


3rd doctor


4th Doctor


a Dalek


7th Doctor




What Doctor Who character are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

I never even saw any 1st Doctor. I do like a quiz where there is a "tiebreaker" question. I AM ginger, but I do wear glasses. (I'm so out of it I thought the picture was of 3rd Doctor; I had them confused with each other. . .)

I finally managed to get to see Casanova (the BBC one, with Peter O'Toole & David Tennant). I REALLY enjoyed it - very funny, and very sad. Russell T. Davies is another producer/director who likes to use the same cast; there were a lot of familiar faces from Dr. Who, including "Blon Slitheen" (Annette Badland) in a short but very funny part.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Not sure why.
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