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In which I dream

This morning I had a Doctor Who dream. Not surprising, I suppose. I think I was a companion, although like many dreams my position therein changed frequently, since I was also often an observer to scenes I was not actually in. I remember distinct scenes more than the overall story, which combined Doctors 9 and 10 and several different companions (myself included, and others who appeared to be my friends, including edgedancer, rather than Rose or anyone actually from the show), being held captive in a VERY strange apartment building by aliens who were occasionally placated by gifts of towel sets and who enjoyed musical theatre (apparently I can actually sing in my dreams, and was complimented by one such alien as being "very good" in my role, but I don't remember what show we were doing).

I remember one scene where we're all leaving one of the apartments, and I have to go back for my purse so I told everyone to go ahead and I'd catch up, and a neighbor comes to tell me it's the first time "he's had any guests," and I couldn't explain to her that "he" used to have a different face, but we had come to see him often -- and then I went to get an elevator. Doctor 9 got off the one I got on (with the exasperated look he did so well), then I realized it was going up, not down. Probably why he was exasperated. But as it took off, it only went up slightly, then went sideways and down, like a weird indoor roller coaster. It carried me pretty much all over the building and I saw my friends as I went on a big clockwork spiral, and I tried to call to them to say I was on my way, but they didn't hear me over the noise of the gears. I don't remember how that part ended. I remember the two Doctors were working on the problem together at one point and, I'm sure says either something about the fangirl stuff I read or my own subconscious, but they were in bed together. I didn't actually see anything but cuddling. I'm not sure who to blame, but mustangsally78 did post pictures of Doctor 10 having sex. Really! It was shocking.

I wish I could remember dreams in a more coherent order, but then, most of my dreams aren't very coherent when I think back on them, because I'm pretty sure at one point edgedancer himself was the Doctor, but I'm not positive. . .

Anyway, it woke me up pretty good, so now I'm sitting here on a quiet Saturday morning with a cat sitting on my mousepad, while rahirah sleeps in. Today I need to have them check my brakes (pray for something not expensive or serious), do a little shopping, and maybe make some brownies - I got a new recipe, and I always want to try and find a recipe that's as good as mixes (it's very weird that box mix brownies are almost always universally better than from-scratch recipes - it's the only baked good I'll say that about). Last night we watched two more episodes of Boston Legal and Disc 7 of Inuyasha. sillymagpie is driving herself again, yay!

My computer clock seems to have set itself about five minutes fast. I'm not sure how that happened. Or is my computer clock right and every other clock in the house, largely the digital cable which I tend to set things off, wrong? (I can't set the digital cable, that comes in from the cable itself.) LJ time appears to be matching the computer, although it may be taking its time from my computer's time.

In the news, in addition to defeating the raise to the minimum wage, they also pretty much repealed the estate tax. Ah, if only I were wealthy, maybe this whole mess wouldn't suck so much! (I'd like to think I'd still have compassion for the poor if I were rich, but apparently that connection is surgically removed when you top a certain point.)

Maybe I should finish my useless degree. It's apparently all my company thinks is important, that piece of paper - they're making us fill in "Talent Profiles" so they know what work experience and education we have, but there's no way to add "college, university, no degree," so I'm treated like anyone else with no higher education. Of course, my completed B.A. would be in English Creative Writing/Modern Lit, so I'm sure that would make all the difference to an insurance company...

Of course, I did indicate that if I wasn't in Administrative Services I'd like Public Affairs or Marketing, which both do have some use for people who can write coherent sentences.
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