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In which I sum up

Friday: Got home, took rahirah to drop her car off at the garage, then picked up the newly-restored sillymagpie for an evening of videos and Chinese food. We went to the old standby place, China Village, which has been two blocks from our house for the last twenty years and we STILL drive there. Of course, I don't think Maggie was up to even a two block walk, so there was that excuse. We watched a few episodes of the first season Boston Legal, then Full Metal Alchemist, which could prove to be a lot of fun.

Saturday: Got up early to haul rahirah's mom to the airport. It was nice to find out they WILL let you go with your party to the gate if she's elderly and needs assistance. We were given "standby" boarding passes so we could be checked through security (where Mom's knee replacement led her to be taken aside for the special wand-over and pat-down -- yes, the security of our nation is being threatened by tiny little old ladies who can barely walk. I feel SO safe!). We got our hair cut, did a little grocery shopping, then headed home. I made a roast, to be eaten on tomato-basil tortillas with Barb's marvelous guacamole. For evening viewing there was Chicken Little, which was cute but that was about it. I don't recommend it as a "keeper" Disney flick, that's for sure, Zach Braff notwithstanding (which was, I admit, the main reason I wanted to see it at all).

Sunday: Bored. Very bored. I slumped around the house most of the morning, went over to help Maggie a little, then came home and watched The High and the Mighty, which was my father's favorite movie EVER (written by his favorite author EVER). I remember vaguely seeing it when I was little; it's taken this long to come to DVD, it was never released on VHS, and I think it was shown once on television my whole life, but I remember Dad talking about it. It is a pretty awesome hella-good film, if you can shut your mind to the VAST number of copy-cat disaster flicks and parodies which have come since (it was the first of the airplane disaster films) and the fact that it's very much a film of the early fifties - in attitude, clothing, and other things (from the "stewardess" pining "when will it happen to ME?" when she sees a newlywed married couple to the aforementioned married couple themselves). It is amusing to see people able to just stroll through an airport, give their name to the desk clerk and get their tickets, and be able to get on the plane carrying a gun. Then I watched the first disc of the expanded Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Did we see Saruman die in the theatrical release? I don't remember. (Yes, it's taken me this long to watch my Christmas-present DVD. I plead NetFlix.)

Then I cut up the leftover roast and made a pretty darned good beef stew for dinner. Now the brownies are cooling, we finished most of our own laundry, and I'm watching television. It wasn't a bad weekend.

For some reason early this morning the power went out for a minute or two. Not long enough to do anything but shut off the computers - the VCRs didn't lose their programming, or anything - but it shut off WordPerfect, and I haven't written much in the way of coherent words in a week or so. Maybe I need to re-adjust my mind.
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