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In which I spend a quiet Sunday

Yesterday we went to Target and Ross, where I found two pair of size 11 pants (jeans and slacks) that fit well, and one pair of size 8 that, likewise, fits well. What is it with the vagaries of sizing in women's clothing? Then we had a late lunch of pesto-chicken cheese crisps on fancy tomato-basil tortillas, then went to visit sillymagpie, who is now staying with her sister for a few days, post-hospital (she was sprung on Friday). There we watched Capote, which was a good movie, disturbing in some ways but very compelling, and then came home and whipped up some wraps with the above-mentioned tortillas. Yummy!

Today we watched Dr. Who (loverly!) and now I'm puttering around trying to write the all-important Cover Letter. I managed to expand my synopsis from one tight page (for the contest) to five pages, and have both that and the manuscript saved in MS Word format for printing. Alphagraphics says it'll print 500 pages for about $40. Not bad!

This morning I had a half a small honeydew melon, yummy, and a couple of small chocolate rugaluchs. Tomorrow is weigh-in.

Now we're doing laundry and I'm considering going over to the grocery store (I know, the excitement never ends). I think I might also go over to the library, too, here in a bit, 'cause I think I'd like to read In Cold Blood now.

Here comes the first hurricane (okay, tropical storm). Whee, let the good times roll. Looks like it's heading for the gulf coast of Florida, which is good and bad, I suppose.
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