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In which I wonder what it was I was going to say

I did it again. I had something to post, I really did, but suddenly my brain is empty.

It was a good day. rahirah had some writing to do this morning, so I went and had a Saturday morning workout, then went to wash my car but found it was too crowded (apparently many other people had the same idea), so gave up and came home. We went shopping at Linens & Things and found a matching scarf for our new curtain panels (newer than the previous new ones, which didn't fit very well in the front window) as well as some bathroom organizers, then groceries for The Mom and some groceries for us.

I put a pot roast with barbecue sauce in the crockpot and cooked it most of the day, so we had delicious BBQ beef sandwiches with salad for dinner (we were also going to have a roast yam, but I didn't get the yam into the oven until 6, and it was still not cooked through by 7). We hung our curtains and cleaned the living room, so now everything looks nice and tidy.

I tried to figure out the prices for printing at Kinkos/FedEx, and was informed my manuscript was "too long" for online print orders, I had to go through the custom route. Now, despite having already pinpointed the exact Kinko's I wanted to use (at Thomas & 40th), it stalled me at "select a location" and I couldn't get any further. I quit in frustration and deleted their software from my machine, and I still don't know how much they will charge me to print. My supervisor at work has suggested checking out the AlphaGraphics my office uses for print orders, and I think I will do just that.

I was actually reading some fine print at a site I download screencaps from, so in the interest of proper Netiquette, I get all my Doctor 10 screencaps here. There's a link from there to their Doctor 9 'caps.

I probably had some of the usual rants about the state of things, but anyone who wants to read 'em can do so over at liberalrage, which is where I read them. Lots of good links there. There've been some good articles in the NY Times lately, too.

In mid-July, rahirah will be off to WriterCon, where I can't go (sob), but when she comes back, we've both gotten some time off to do something together before I head off to Vegas again with my Mom, where we will spend three nights at the Golden Nugget and two nights at the Bellagio. Whee! I do love my Las Vegas. I have to decide if I want to tote the laptop with me again. On the one hand, it was nice having it -- on the other, it's HEAVY. Of course, I'm going to get a flight, I hope, that will put me in the airport BEFORE Mom, who did not follow directions and we wound up hanging around the airport for hours looking for each other. If I'm there first, I will simply go to her gate and wait for her before going to baggage claim.

Now I'm trying to figure out good storage places for instruments I don't play but I want to keep for various reasons. In the case of the guitar-signed-by-Dwight-Yoakam, DUH. In the case of the banjo, I do harbor the fond hope that someday I may be able to pay for lessons and actually learn to play it. It's a GOOD banjo. I already have my dreadnought packed in the storage closet with the case for my Fender, which is on its stand behind me (and being dreadfully neglected - again, someday I'll be able to pay for lessons. I think I've gone as far as I can self-taught, and I need help). Also need storage for that dusty pile of vinyl records I got sittin' on my floor (nod to Todd Snider), because I'm not ready to rid myself of my analog media just yet. I know they're really not worth very much (the collector value of vinyl is surprisingly low), but they're my RECORDS, man. These are things which cannot be stored in the shed outside in Phoenix. Just cannot.

I have stacks of crap I need to clean up in here. I don't know how or why they came back after the last time I tidied up... most of it is press packages and media announcements for discs I review. Mostly I remember to clear 'em off when I'm done, but sometimes they pile up as I get a backlog (some places send me things weeks in advance, others send them at the last minute, ensuring that I will then have a day or so to listen and review - I hate that). I have several discs that I need to review at some point in the future, but not yet, so the press packages wait, buried under other things, and in the meantime, other press packages for ones I've finished start to pile up, too, until I get around to throwing all the material out. (I tried to keep it for a while, but it got Too Powerful. I occasionally keep photos or the nice folders.) What's nice are the ones who basically send the entire CD booklet typed up on white bond 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Makes them MUCH easier to read! Along with reviews, bios, etc. Some don't send much more than the CD (often home-burned ones with nothing more than a paper insert with the names of the songs, no credits at all, like Neil Young's Living With War came), and I have to do my research on the Internet.

The other evening we ate at Sonic. I came home and checked their extensive nutritional information for the calorie count of my meal. Beware, calorie-counters, of the delicious Chicken Club Toaster - a massive 675 calories!!! This with onion rings and a limeade came to 1543 calories (they don't have a listing for the new apple limeade, so I used the calorie count for cherry limeade). YIKES! Now, admittedly, I didn't eat much that day, so I was probably okay, but on the whole I've been staying around 1100 calories for the whole day, so to blow that in just one meal is pretty scary. Next time, yumminess aside, I will have a Diet Coke, just to save that 361 calories.

I found exactly the shoes I want - tried on a pair at Last Chance, but they were too big. So I went to both eBay and Overstock to see if I could find them a size down. Nope. I found them by brand name at the source - they retail for $80! Wah! (Not that I ever had any problems dropping $100 or more on a pair of good cowboy boots... on the other hand, I have documented evidence that I can wear the same pair of cowboy boots every single day for at least three years before replacing the soles and doing it all again... twice...)
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