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In which I have done it

It worked. I now have First Novel, 143,844 words. (BTW, I was sort of right about one thing - if my hero would JUST not go by both first names, it would only be 142,638 words. But he MUST be "Sean Patrick.") I took out everything from Matt and Cody's POVs, filled in the holes (with a little spackle), and I think it works.

Therefore, Second Novel, carved neatly out of the First, is currently 94,478 words. It needs some work to make it less a subplot and more a plot all its own. They will have very similar finales, though. {g}

Yay for me!

Now comes the hard part.

I gained back two pounds for a net loss of only four pounds for the month of May. I know how it happened, I was decidedly Not Good over the holiday weekend, although I did try. I was also less than diligent most of last week. I really do want to drop ten pounds by my birthday - I don't think it an unattainable goal to lose ten pounds in three months. I'll have to see if I can do better than that, though.

Today was surprisingly easy for a day after a mail holiday. I barely noticed it was anything out of the ordinary, we got everything done, and wow, that means tomorrow is Wednesday already! Yay! Maybe it'll be a short week that actually feels short.

Of course, then there's poor sillymagpie, who will be in the hospital for at least a couple more days, since they haven't been able to get her in for surgery yet - and not until Thursday! She's bored and I can understand. Just imagine being away from the Internet for a whole week! Tomorrow we will bring her things to assist in lessening said boredom.
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