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In which I whimper

Why is it Sunday night already? I want more weekend! WAH!!!

Next Friday I have to finish a review of the bluegrass tribute to Van Halen, Strummin' With the Devil. Not even remotely kidding. It's actually pretty good (and the first time I've ever heard all the lyrics to such songs as Panama and Jamie's Crying). David Lee Roth does guest vocals on two of the songs. Weird and strange, yet it works, much as the bluegrass versions of Kiss and AC/DC did (I AM serious!).

I found my copy of the Traveling Wilburys' first CD, which I thought I'd lost. Whew. Still haven't found my copy of the playbook Assassins, which I'm pretty sure I bought. One part of my fascination with history: The "What If?" I listen to the cast recording of Assassins, which is a strange and black musical I enjoy a lot, and I wonder, "What IF Giuseppe Zangara hadn't missed? What if he'd killed President-elect Roosevelt in February, 1933, before he ever took office?" (In those days the President was inaugurated in March, not January.) No New Deal, no "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - how would economic recovery have progressed? And then December 1941?

I love historical "what ifs" . . .

I did nothing constructive today, but then, seeing The DaVinci Code does take up one's whole day. The hours pass like hours, although I did enjoy some of it - a passable thriller, although the "mystery" was pretty non-existent - I'm usually terrible at guessing these things, but I had it all figured out pretty much from, well, the beginning. And I haven't read it, either. The controversy? Oh, COME ON. Just how strong is the church, if it can be shaken to its foundations by a mediocre thriller, one which is NOT exactly using any new ideas?

Well, I suppose I should go to bed. At least next weekend is a three-day one. It means Tuesday will probably suck, but at least, hey, three days. Better still, next Friday is payday. This time I MUST NOT spend it all on Saturday. No, I AM serious!
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