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In which I enjoy the weekend

I saw this meme and felt like doing it, even though I wasn't tagged: Tell 6 things about yourself and then tag six more people to do the same, no tag backs:

1) I love to shop. For everything, from groceries to clothes. It feeds my sad adoration of material items.

2) I love mountains. High mountains, far from "civilization," where all you can hear is the sound of the wind blowing through the pine trees or stillness - pure stillness, where you can listen to your own pulse and see the face of God.

3) I often say I was born with two actual talents: writing and cooking. Everything else I can do I had to work hard at, and eventually became decent at or even came to excel at, but cooking and writing came as easily as breathing.

4) I have a non-addictive personality. Seriously, and I'm not just saying that. It's hard for me to even form decent habits. I can totally forget to do something I've been doing religiously every day for years. About the only thing I'm "addicted" to is caffeine, and I could probably drop that totally except for the physical headache part (I was able to get rid of it completely for a couple months but got hooked again when Diet Coke w/Lime came out - if they sold that Decaf, then I could do it again). Or maybe television. {g}

5) I am one of those people who think that any dessert without chocolate is a sub-dessert. I know it is completely unfair to such delectables as strawberry shortcake or fruit pies, but it's a gut reaction I have when served non-chocolate desserts.

6) One of the reasons I have so much junk is I have a hard time getting rid of anything that was given to me by, or reminds me of, someone I care(d) about. My mom is able to receive a gift, enjoy it for a while, then pass it on or throw it out. I have a hard time doing that. I have boxes of stuff people have given me; I'm getting better, but it's still hard to just get rid of it...

I'm not going to tag anyone. If you read it and feel like doing it, be my guest.

It's funny, though. One of our "diversity training" things we did this week at work involved telling six things about oneself.

Today we went clothes shopping again. I found a pair of clogs that DON'T cut my instep (hooray, classy casual shoes at last!), while rahirah found several good pair. When I have money again I really want to have the second bunion surgery, then maybe I could find dressy sandals I can actually wear. The dollar rack there at Last Chance was filled with gorgeous little "prom" style dresses, and for a buck I now have a slinky little velvet dress - wow, I look pretty good! I need a strapless bra for it, though. And probably some shoes. (When did I turn into such a GIRL?!?)


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May. 20th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)
I think my personality is the total opposite of yours. I can get addicted to anything. Well, anything I like, anyway. And I look forward to shopping with you someday. It's one of my favorite things.
May. 20th, 2006 11:44 pm (UTC)
I worried about it once, since my brother was an addict, and my mother smoked most of her life, but I seem to have taken after Dad, who could and did occasionally smoke, drink, or whatever, and then, just, not.

Shopping fun! After writing that I had to go troll around on eBay even though I have no money at all.
May. 21st, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)
Is bunyan surgery something you can't use your insurance for? I don't even know exactly what one really looks like? I should research it. I'm so lazy. :/ Well....about this stuff. Sorry.
May. 21st, 2006 04:41 pm (UTC)
Bunions are a fairly common foot problem caused by the metatarsal "drifting" outward, causing the big toe to angle towards the small toes (it looks like a big lump along the side of the foot). In my case, my metatarsal is actually considerably shorter than it should be, and when they fixed my right foot, they shaved off some of that excess bone and grafted it into the metatarsal to help straighten and lengthen it.

Now, admittedly, I could have long ago helped my bunions by not wearing tight shoes with pointed toes, but I have just enough vanity (and the intense memory of growing up with these and having to wear "old lady" shoes in grade school) that I don't care for them as I should, and mine are FAR from dibilitating - the pain comes from the "wrong" shoes, rarely from good shoes or barefoot. Still, the surgery that corrected the right foot has taken well, the problem hasn't come back, and the left one has taken to hurting quite a lot, in many different kinds of shoes, so I want the second surgery.

And yes, insurance covers most of it, but there are co-pays and deductibles to reach; as I recall from about six years ago, it put me out of pocket about $600, which isn't too bad, so I just need to save up some.
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