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In which I wear size 8

I bought a pair of shorts at CostCo last night, and dared to get a size 8. They fit. Whoo! Of course, they may be cut a little large (not something I've noticed with Gloria Vanderbilt before, though), but STILL - size 8! Ditto the size 8 Speedo I got to replace the old swimsuit Mom gave me that was WAY too large.

Still, the scale tells me I haven't lost anything this morning, so I'm puzzled.

I have a sore throat. It's been sore since Tuesday night, and I want it to stop. I don't feel bad otherwise, except a little stuffy nose, and I =DO NOT WANT= to be sick again!

I'm half a mind to go to actually fork out and go to the theatre to see The Da Vinci Code just to show that there are Christians out there who understand it's fiction and won't destroy the foundations of the faith just by existing. Ye gods. People!

I have yet to finish the bios for the Johnny Cash overview (full bio for Johnny, spot bios for a) those who influenced him, b) those he's related to - no small list, really - c) peers with similar style, and d) some of them who've been inspired by him). I have at least five more to do, and need to expand a little on some of the ones I've done. It's taking longer than I expected. I probably shouldn't have gone shopping last night, but... shopping! And then, oh, LOST! Yeeks!
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