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Wednesday Means "Angel"!

Okay, how pathetic is that, my entire week is geared on Wednesday night? :) Okay, I haven't quite started leaping out of bed going "Angel is on tonight!" but it's close.

Although this morning I woke to a rather bad dream where my Dad was ignoring me in favor of a brand-new baby brother (an event which would be impossible even if Dad hadn't died some 17 years ago) and I was trying to make good with him -- not sure if it's guilt or some other deep-seated worry/fear that brought such a thing on. Anyway, remember a scene where was arranging pillows on the bed I used to sleep on at home in my old room when the alarm went off, and they were playing Brooks & Dunn's "Red Dirt Road," which I heard as "Red Shirt Road" and I went to a strange Classic Star Trek place.

Okay, I wrote three paragraphs on Monday. It's a start. I actually have quite a bit written elsewhere, but in retrospect it's wandering and much of it is pointless, so it needs severe chopping/re-working. The mere fact it's written is good. What I need to do is force myself to make up a schedule where there is a time of the day where I will write and NOT go surfing on the internet (I found a great site for t-shirts yesterday), and NOT keep checking my email (I'm tempted to buy Eudora JUST to get the Spam Guard), and NOT go wandering around looking for snacks (I swear I must have packed away 2500 calories yesterday, why must the Halloween season come with candy?), but just sit on my butt and WRITE SOMETHING. A writer writes, but sometimes I just have a tremendous headache in my eye.

The reason I went looking for t-shirts was because I heard about a t-shirt I must have but I can't find it anywhere. "The Many Moods of Angel." If anyone knows where to find it, let me know, or I'll be forced to make it myself.

I am STILL reading "Bleak House." I love reading Dickens, he's funny as heck, but I swear, I've been in this part of the book for ages. I keep turning pages and get no closer to the center. I NEED a new "Midnight Louie" book/fix.

A very important choice must be made. I need new checks... should I go with silly, pretty, or classy? Since the creation of the debit card I don't use them up very fast, and have been using Elvis checks for about six years now, but am finally down to the last book. I've narrowed my choices down to three designs. Choices, choices...


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Oct. 15th, 2003 09:43 am (UTC)
Join the club
Look at me, planning my life around Tuesday night (where I watch Buffy and Angel on DVD), and Wednesday night (to watch Smallville and Angel).

In re: checks. I used to go through several boxes a year, but now, thanks to the magick of debit it takes me months just to get through a little pack of 25. Several years ago when I had to close down my bank account and open a new one (lost my checkbook and ATM card), I found these cool checks in the catalog at the bank that had these pictures of animals on them - photo-like picks. There was a running horse, and a crouching puma, and something else, probably a coyote, and a bobcat.

It is so hard to find images of bobcats on anything, that I just had to order those. I didn't notice, while I was pointing to the selection for the person helping me, that the name of the design was "The Southwest." My first box of checks had the animal photos I had coveted.

The third or fourth box didn't have the cool picture of the bobcat or the puma. It was all sunsets, monument valley and cactus et cetera. Well, that was okay. Not exactly what I had wanted, but okay. Then the next one changed again. There was a guy riding a bucking bronco, a panoramic view of a herd of cattle, a coyote howling at the moon, and a sunset. Again, not exactly the cool design I wanted, but livable.

Then they changed the design again, and it was the last straw. They did these artsy-farsty close ups. A spur, the brim of a cowboy hat, a branding iron, and something else. I couldn't stand it any longer!

I was considering ordering checks from one of those cheesey places with the ads in papers and such, then then I noticed a web address on the re-order form. And I found these checks. Sufficiently silly for that side of me, and just acerbic enough for the other ("I'm not grouchy, everyone else is too happy!"). Heh.

Oct. 15th, 2003 03:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Join the club
Heh. :) That link took me to checks with babies dressed as flowers in flower pots, BTW. Not sure if your acerbic side just sees them as human plants, or what... :D

I, too, don't use a LOT of checks, but my CU doesn't offer free online bill pay, so I still write checks for a number of things because I don't want to start paying a fee for the convenience. Might as well still buy stamps (although sometimes when I'm low on checks, as in recently, I just put a "charge it to my debit card" on the form and that works neat as you please). However, my three choices are: The Simpsons (silly); Blue Willow (pretty); an Old West theme (classy). I didn't want to get from those fliers in the mail because you can't see all the designs. I went to a check site online and found one where they show you ALL the designs for a given style. I also liked Peanuts, Lighthouses, National Monuments, and simple "scenic." I couldn't find a good style with pictures of cats of any kind (there's one tiger in the "wild animals" set, and one set of horribly, terribly cute kittens).

Oct. 15th, 2003 01:07 pm (UTC)
Yay, Angel!

Keep up with Bleak House. You have to at least make it to the spontaneous combustion scene. :-)

The book I need to get back to reading is "All Soul's Rising," which I stopped reading for a bit because the violence it described in the Haitian revolution was entirely too graphic for me to continue. I needed a break. Right after I finish reading my "Best American" collections for this year, I promise.

Choose whatever checks you like. About the only physical check I write these days is for rent. I pay most of my bills online. I'm such a geek.

My sister has checks printed with flying winged pigs. She says she can now honestly say her creditors will be paid when pigs fly.


Oct. 15th, 2003 03:52 pm (UTC)
I did see the flying pigs checks. They're cute. :)

I know, I keep going on bravely through "Bleak House." And it's not that it's not good, because it is -- like I said, Dickens is a funny guy. It's just so huge!

Oct. 15th, 2003 01:48 pm (UTC)
I feel your pain on the subject of pointless wandering stories. Or I would if I could keep my eyes open.

P.S. whack me on the head and force me to go to bed at a decent hour. Obviously I have no self-control.
Oct. 15th, 2003 03:53 pm (UTC)
I did notice you were still up around 1:30, which was a bit of a surprise... :D
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